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Renown Health Opens New Clinic in South Reno

A 10,000 square foot healthcare clinic is set to open this spring in the South Reno Nevada area. Renown Health is set to welcome new patients to the family practice at The Summit Mall. The clinic will provide primary care services as well as laboratory services for now. There may be a possibility that more services will become available in the future, but for now Dr. McCormack wants to wait and see how healthcare reforms will be changing. With the new Trump administration and other healthcare rules changing, it’s best to wait and see. Dr. McCormack is the medical director of Renown Medical Group. She has worked hard to oversee the overall process and building structure of the company. This specific clinic was established and began construction in November. By February they were placing the electrical and interior parts in the building. Their goal was to provide a welcome and refreshing experience to the setting. They want each patient to be comfortable and feel like they’re in their own living room where they are at ease and relaxed. Healthcare facilities can become stressful and intimidating, and she wants to make sure that isn’t the case at the new Renown Health.

The South Reno clinic will currently have a staff of 11 people. They hope to add one more physician to the clinic and a nurse practitioner. The increase in people has lead to possibly a busy practice and they want to make sure they are prepared to handle the amount of traffic. More people seem to be moving to that area of Nevada, which has made the new urgent care clinic possible. Click here to know more.

Renown Care has many facilities throughout the Nevada areas. They have been providing exceptional healthcare services for many years, and continue to grow with their urgent care business. They provide primary care services, pediatric services, cardiopulmonary services, xray’s, imaging services and some specialized services. They are open for walk-ins and continue to provide valuable care to each patient everyday.

The Early Music Days of Cassio Audi

If you remember anything about the 1980s then you remember the glory of music. Music was exciting and innovative. Legends like Michael Jackson and Prince dominated the pop scene with Madonna. Of course, music was a great business to be in. The 1980’s is when a popular Brazilian band named Viper hit the scene. With strong influence from the Iron Maidens, Viper went on to produce over five heavy rock albums.

One of the original drummers of the popular band was Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi was a prominent drummer in Viper for over 2 years. He’s best known for his work on The Killera Sword, Projeto SP Metal, and Soldiers of Sunrise albums. Cassio Audi’s style of drumming was likened to the work of Clive Burr from the Iron Maidens around the same time period.

After spending a few years in the well-known Brazilian band, Cassio Audi was succeeded by Sergio Facci. Much of Cassio’s work is well know within heavy metal groups, especially in Brazil. He has been featured on many websites along with his former band Viper. Largely contributed with helping the band get their early start in the heavy metal scene.

After gaining a great following within the 1980s, Cassio ultimately decided to leave the band and pursue a direction in business and finance. Speaking to heavy metal enthusiasts in that area, many would have loved to see Cassio continue expanding the image of Viper instead of leaving the band.

Thor Halvorssen; The Voice of the Powerless

Thor Halvorssen is a renowned civil rights activists and the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. From a tender age, Thor was exposed to situations which made him who he is today. His father was a victim of torture subjected by the Venezuelan government, while his mother was murdered in a demonstration against Hugo Chavez’ dictatorial regime. Thor’s cousin is also a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Unlike other human rights champions, Thor does not moan over a load of issues. Mr Halvorssen has an adoration for people, particularly dissenters and defectors as well as brazen troublemakers who will not stop until their grievances are heard. He heads the HRF in partnership with Garry Kasparov, a well-known activist who is strongly against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Kasparov has experienced the first-hand agony at the hands of the Russian regime, having been jailed for two years for chanting dissident songs.

Like his ally, Thor has also undergone suffering while championing his ideas. In 2010, he visited Vietnam’s capital to interview Thich Quang Do, a leader of the local Buddhist Church, whose movements had been restricted to his home for nearly three decades in addition to his denomination being banned. Thor sneaked into his monastery and managed to record an interview. However, on the way out he was confronted by Vietnamese police, who demanded a concrete explanation. Despite being a staunch Catholic, Thor convinced the authorities that he was a Buddhist Seeker. They let him go, but his cameraman had to hide the interview tape in his rectum to avoid apprehension.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a vociferous human rights champion, whose roots trace back to Venezuela. His relentless efforts in advocating for democracy have earned him multiple plaudits, with media outlets labeling him as the ‘voice of the underprivileged.’ He has contributed to the establishment of various activist groups, including the famous Oslo Freedom Forum.

Beside activism, Thor is also a film producer. The movies he directs are also pro-activists, signifying his adoration of the subject.

The Inside Scoop with Arthur Becker

No one knows tech better than Arthur Becker, the former husband of Vera Wang. Working out of Tribeca, his office where he practices Real Estate also functions as an art studio, bringing the appeal of a workshop along with his own personal works of art. Located just down the street from his first site of development on Washington Street. Previously, Becker was a stockbroker for Bear Stearns where he has remained as a silent partner in many endeavors alongside the investors of the Billionaire’s Row on 57th street. Visit Perezhilton for more info.

Arthur Becker has also had a stake in other developments, one of which is a development that spans 16 stories, all for condos only. Kevin Maloney, a real estate investor, was behind this project, along with Robert Gladstone Madison Equities, partnered with Becker. One of the prestigious names on the list to live in the development is fashion designer Vera Wang. A source says that Wang is going to live in one of the condos, while a few others go for sale. Vera Wang and Arthur Becker were married for more than 20 years, separating in 2012.

Becker, known as business mogul, has had his hands in multiple investments including the tech industry, real estate, finance, and additionally his love of art. Becker considers himself lucky to have come into so many gifts, also considering himself to be lucky to have landed his hands in the art space as well for enjoyment. Many of the most recent projects Becker has been involved in, include a brand of binoculars call Bnox.

In an article on The Real Deal, Becker has numerous interests outside of business that he enjoys, one of which is his love of ancient currencies. His gift of art has led him to reproduce items in the form of art, some of which are slated to be placed into his newest developments. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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José Auriemo Neto, Chief Executive Officer of the Leading Real Estate Company-JHSF

JHSF is the leading real estate firm in Brazil. JHSF has operations in commercial and residential market in corporations, administration, and development of centres for shopping, international business executive airports, and upscale hotels.

About JHSF

In 1972, JHSF was founded and is highly recognized for its capability of identifying new business and market opportunities in its areas of operation. The company is perceived to be pioneering, daring, innovative, quality focused and presents solutions that are suitable for projects and development. These characteristics of JHSF are what constitute the DNA for the company. JHSF has five main business units namely; the shopping centre, Merger/Incorporation, Restaurants and Hotels, Retail Properties and Airport.

JHSF consolidated its focus on operations in capitals like Manaus, Salvador, São Paulo, New York, Miami, and Punta del Este in Uruguay. Since 2007, JHSF has traded shares on the FBovespa’s Novo Mercado and BM. This real estate company mainly focuses on developing residential and commercial properties across Brazil.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazillian executive who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of JHSF. Mr. Neto is also responsible for the administration of the retail portfolio and extensive shopping malls which include the Metrô Tucuruv, Cidade Jardim in Säo Paulo, Ponta Negra in Manaus and the Bela Vista in Salvador. Auriemo has ventured into other two projects in the Sao Paulo district which are currently under construction.

Auriemo is an alumnus of the Sao Paulo’s Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University. After graduating from FAAP University, Auriemo Neto kick-started his career in 1993 by working for the real estate company-JHSF. Auriemo founded the department of services by creating Parkbem which is a company that deals with the management of parking lots. The continued success of the services department led Auriemo in 1998 to secure the rights of developing the Shopping Santa Cruz, the company’s first shopping destination. In 2009, Aureimo Neto led JHSF into its first retail venture and signed partnership agreements that were exclusive with Pucci, Hermes, and Jimmy Choo. Aureimo Neto also opened the first retail outlets for the luxury brands in Cidade Jadrim shopping complex owned by JHSF. In 2012, Neto also secured an agreement by partnering with Valentino to launch the first R.E.D. Valentino and Valentino stores in Brazil.

Law Enforcement Using Securus Technologies to Catch a Criminal

I work the fugitive task force in a very densely populated city, and my job is returning suspects to jail who have either skipped bail or gotten out of the jail and are on the run. I have several resources to help in my efforts to locate this suspects, but I find if you can think like the criminal, you can always find the criminal.


When an inmate escapes the jail, they can only survive on the outside with help from others. Without money, a vehicle, food, clothing, and a place to stay, we could scoop up these fugitives with little effort. The trouble we have is these inmates have an established network of family, friends, and other inmates, who provide the escapee everything they need to stay off my radar.


To make matters worse, the informants usually will not come forward for fear of interaction with the suspect, so I have to do my homework. The key is discovering their home base, because they will need to get settled, gather new identities, and hit the road quickly to stay one step ahead of the law.


When I got a call from the jail that Securus Technologies installed the new inmate communication system, I needed to see it for myself because I heard it could be very helpful in catching a criminal on the run. Listening to the suspect is one thing, but after I was trained on the LBS software, I heard information I would have easily missed. Now I not only had information on how the inmate got out of the city, but who he was speaking to days up to the escape and what the plans for the future were.


With the help of the LBS software, we did surveillance on some local thugs harboring the inmate, and brought them all in before he made his run for the border.


Cassio Audi: A Well Rounded Man

Cassio Audi, a renowned investment manager from Brazil, is known for managing some high return investment funds. He worked with a number of highly floated investment funds and specialized knowledge on various markets and understands better about different sectors. As an investment manager, he takes care of the funds and allocates it to different portfolios such as stocks and other investment options to ensure significant returns. Cassio Audi is very particular in long-term asset creation and also focuses on the other primary investment activities such as real estate, private equity, strategic assets, and asset management.


Interestingly, he has more than two decades of experience in finance and investments and collaborated with start-ups, private equity funds, private and public limited companies, and global corporations. Audi has expertise in converting any investments into highly profitable during the course of time by closely working with it and reading the movements of the market. He also shines with his great interpersonal skills that help him to make a strong relationship with the management and the staff, strong leadership skills, and excellent communication.


Audi started his career with JP Morgan Chase as a Trader and worked with a number of firms such as Dow Chemicals, Gillette, Brookfield Asset Management, Rossi Residential, and GVMI. During his career in various organizations, he held different roles such as CEO, CFO, Finance Director, etc. Audi completed his graduation in Business Administration from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and also did his MBA in Finance from the Universidade de São Paulo.


Audi also has a story of an early music career. During the 1980s and 90s, he and his friends formed a band called Viper, a Brazilian-based hard rock band formed in the year 1985. Audi was the drummer of the band, and it has released some albums such as Soldiers of Sunrise, Theatre of Fate, Coma Rage, and Evolution along with few singles.

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The Evolution of Kabbala Centre

The foundation of Kabbala Centre was established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who was the first Chief Kabbalist to modernize its wisdom and make it readily available to all.He later passed on the leadership to his student Rave Yehuda TzviBrandwein, who subsequently handed over to Rav Berg.The principal aim of Kabbala has been to acquire the knowledge of God, and His designs for the seen and unseen universe.In the beginning, Kabbala was perceived as a having been reserved for Jewish scholars who were married and aged 40years and above. Children, women and unlearned men were never considered fit for formal Kabbala training.

RavAshlag did not succeed in acquiring a huge following as he had hoped. Until his death in 1955, he toiled to make Zohar available to the general public and even used his own resources to make this happen.RavBrandwein yearned to carry on RavAshlag’s legacy, but due to his limited resources, he did not do as much as he would have wished. Before his death, RavBrandwein named Rav Berg the President of YeshivatKol Yehuda.Rav Berg’s wife, Karen, was the first woman to study Kabbala and with her influence, they opened up the teachings to everyone who wished to learn, including children and women. In the early 70’s the Rav and his wife moved to Israel and set up the second Kabbala Centre in Tel Aviv. They set up the Centre in the middle of a secular Israel society and offered wisdom to tackle life’s challenges.

In 1984, Rav Berg and Karen set up the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre. They left the passionate and wise followers in charge of the Israel Kabbala Centre. Rav Berg wrote his first books in English so as to appeal to a wider audience.The Kabbala Centre taught a non-religious audience and was seen as a spiritual, rather than a religious way of study. Currently, there are more than 40 KabbalaCentres around the world. Through the KabbalaCentres, Rav Berg and his wife actualized RavAshlag’s vision of integrating humans from all race, religion, and nationalities.Celebrities such as Madonna, Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bernhard have shown interest in the Jewish Kabbalah.Rav Berg passed away in 2013, leaving Karen and their son, Michael Berg, an established author himself, to run the Kabbalah Centre. They use all kinds of modern technology to pass wisdom through books, courses, and books in both online and physical Centres.

Kevin Seawright Has A Deep Understanding Of The Financial Industry

There are many different types of industries that provide the business world with all the various aspects of business that are needed to make the business world flow in a smooth fashion.

Every industry has a purpose and provides a needed component to the overall business world. What makes some industries somewhat different than most of the others is how large the industries are and the popularity of the industries.

One of the industries that is set differently than most industries is the financial industry. It is considered one of the most popular industries and many professionals work in various parts of the industry. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

The financial industry holds a variety of business areas that tend to depend on the industry for some of its operations. There is not a clear divide sometimes between what is considered financial and what is considered a part of the financial industry.

In the end, areas such as accounting, economics, and statistics all play an important role in how the financial industry performs as a whole. It is hard to take any one part away from the financial industry without feeling the affects.

An article on PR Newswire revealed that there are many financial professionals who use multiple parts of the financial industry in their daily job tasks. One of these financial professionals is Kevin Seawright. A talented professional who has risen to the executive level in his career, Kevin Seawright uses economics in his job responsibilities a great deal.

His knowledge base regarding economics is at an expert level. As a professional, he uses economics to help him determine how to organize businesses. He uses economics to help make decisions related to how businesses should operate. According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has accomplish many things in his professional career. He is known as a team player who provides outstanding guidance to the members of his business team.

The financial industry has many opportunities for business professionals. There are many areas that comprise the financial industry. The combination of the different areas makes the financial industry a complex industry that impacts all industries. It is hard for any financial professional to focus entirely on just one aspect of the financial industry because the various parts tend to blend together at various times.

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Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Jose Borghi Improves South American Advertising

Jose Borghi is the CEO of Mullen Lowe, and it is one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies in the world. The agency has been built using the business prowess that Jose has gained over the years, and he became the CEO after a large merger. This article shows how Jose has done the work required to grow this company into one of the finest in its field.

#1: Worldwide Advertising

Mullen Lowe started in Brazil where it was one of the leading advertising gencives in South America. They have grown the company quite a lot over the years, and he wants to see the company build its international customer base. They have done so with international offices, and the company brings its distinctive international flair to a business that has been essentially American. Click here to know more.

#2: Supporting The Brand Of The Client

Supporting the brand of the client is the goal of Mullen Lowe, and Jose looks into his partnerships to ensure that all the companies he partners with to learn how they may be served best. He works quite hard to serve each new client, and he directs his staff to offer the finest customer service possible regardless of the circumstance.

#3: Giving The Client Better Creative Services

The creative services that are offered to the client will help with artwork and creation for the campaigns. Jose watches over all campaigns to ensure that they are done properly, and he wishes to show his clients a simpler way to care for their companies. He knows that there are a number of things that may be done to help each client, and he wants to see his clients prosper with a campaign that they will be proud of.

Jose Henrique Borghi is an advertising expert. Mullen Lowe offers the finest advertising services to a world of clients.