White Shark Media Emerges Among the Top Digital Marketing Agencies

White Shark Media is a leading digital advertising agency that offers exclusive marketing tools to small enterprises and assists in search marketing campaigns. It was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs who had extensive skills in online and offline marketing.


Under the leadership of Gary Garth, the CEO, the company has seen tremendous growth for the past five years.


White Shark Media’s rapid growth digital results from its ability to formulate top notch Search Marketing campaigns at affordable rates. Countless companies have built their business by utilizing White Shark’s online marketing solutions and marketing tools.


The company maintains its trust to clients by being highly accountable on a monthly basis. They achieve this by keeping a close eye on their client’s marketing efforts to capture all details. They use Google Analytics integration, Competitive Intelligence, Key-word Call Tracking, and Proprietary Reporting software.


The company is fully armed to help small and medium businesses to traverse the digital marketing world. It has more than 1,700 active SMB clients, almost $40M managed Ad Spend, and 250 employees, half of them being Expert Digital Marketing Wizards.


White Shark Media has at least 150 employees spread over three countries managing AdWords Search, Bing Ads, Google Analytics and Display Advertising


Google noticed White Shark’s rapid growth in early 2012 when they invited them to the Googleplex in Mountain View California. A designated team assigned to White Shark Media came in to help address the needs of the clients more rigorously.


In 2014, Google awarded White Shark Media with The Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. Very few agencies have achieved this recognition as Google selects these Premier SMB Partners from a group of strategic partners who are undergo training and a strict vetting process to confirm that they meet the standards set by Google.


Just in the same way, Microsoft recognized White Shark’s performance and track record in advertisement and marketing for SMBs. The two companies teamed up and White Shark became part of the Bing Ads Reseller program.


The CEO is dedicated to see all White Shark Media’s clients succeed. Hence, the company does not subject its customers to restrictive contracts. Their marketing solutions are fixed fee and cost effective, and the company is fully transparent.


Gary acknowledges that the digital marketing platform is a competitive one, but he assures his clients that the company is well equipped for the challenge. They hope to engage in more partnerships as they continue to deliver successful digital marketing solutions.

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