Adam Goldenberg Leads the Way

Adam Goldenberg began his impressive career at the age of 15. He created a gaming company known as Gamers Alliance. Gamers Alliance quickly generated a buzz, and Goldenberg was able to sell it to Intermix, the parent company of Myspace. He quit high school in order to join the Intermix team. The move across the country would prove highly beneficial. Goldenberg was promoted to COO within two years. This made him the youngest person to hold such a position in a publicly traded company. It was here that he would meet his longtime partner Don Ressler. The two became great friends, and would go on to build a fantastic business relationship.

When Intermix was bought out by a larger corporation, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wasted no time in forming a powerful duo. They initially focused on health and beauty, and how their products were discovered by consumers on the internet. This would eventually lead to a journey in fashion.

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JustFab became the concept created by Goldenberg and Ressler. The idea was to tap into undiscovered markets. Providing cutting-edge fashion at an affordable price was a concept that had not been explored up to this point. Consumers would be able to receive a number of items tailored to their taste, for a fixed price every month.

JustFab focused on women’s apparel, an unlikely venture for two young men. However, they were convinced that their business model was innovative. They enlisted the help of knowledgeable fashion experts to assist with the distribution of their products. This led to a working relationship with Kimora Simmons, a long-time fashion icon. Kimora had been friends with Don, and grew very interested in their business platform. She would soon come on board as the president of JustFab.

The popularity of the company grew faster than expected. Goldenberg would have to quickly discover new partnership opportunities in order for this new venture to thrive in the manner it was envisioned. Before long JustFab was a global brand. The company’s influence expanded worldwide. This made for enormous success. Business interests have reached as far as Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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