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 John Goullet Provides IT Staffing Solutions

Early Life and Career

IT staffing can be challenging especially with the invention of new terminologies. That is why it is vital to have someone who consistently masters the shifting trends of the IT world. If you are wondering who to look up to in the world of IT and entrepreneurship, John Goullet is a perfect example. John is an IT technician and staffing professional. His career began in 1994 where he worked as an IT consultant. He vastly shifted his interests to IT staffing due to client demand. Servicing both worlds, John broadened his ideas and strategies in IT. He learnt so much and widened his scope through diversifying into various IT fields. With that knowledge, John used the emerging trends in IT to form a firm called Info Technologies.

Info Technologies

Info Technologies was a company that offered innovative IT staffing solutions to businesses in the nations including most Fortune 500 companies. Within five years, Info Technologies had made over $30 million ranking it on Inc Magazine’s list of fast growing private companies in the US. With his focus and determination, John merged his firm Info Technologies with Diversant Inc to form Diversant LLC. Goullet forms part of the active unit in Diversant given that the IT staffing is overly transforming from time to time. As the operations manager for Diversant LLC, John ensures high-quality service delivery to clients. His clients border the Fortune 500 Companies and mid-market. Through his strategies and those of the directors, Diversant LLC has absorbed active leaders leading to its success.

Contribution to Diversant LLC

Being principal of Diversant LLC, Goullet has shown a lot of professionalism in directing the firm towards success. Recently, the company has grown drastically even with the economic recession. With his passion for IT staffing, John encourages his team to embrace teamwork and employ creative thinking for innovative ideas. With his consistency, the company was named the largest African-American company in the U.S. With a certification, and Diversant LLC is a top Minority –Owned Enterprise.


John went to the Ursinus College and got a Master’s degree in Computer Science



Eric Pulier: The Man, The Myth, The legend

Living in today’s contemporary society we as a people have unlimited access to some of the best advanced technology across the board. When you think of technology in-general, the end goal or product is the first thing that comes to mind. Technology itself came from an idea or concept in it’s inception and without those brilliant thoughts, people wouldn’t be enjoying or benefiting from the technology of today. Eric Pulier simply personifies this notion perfectly as he has introduced many advanced services throughout the years. Being this successful has allowed Pulier to help underprivileged communities, chronically ill children, and people who suffer from some kind of physical impairment. As of 2016 he has founded up to 15 companies and as profited with a huge $350 Million pay out after selling his last company. See:

Eric Pulier is on another level as he stands head and shoulders over his peers. He understands the need for something and goes what it takes to make it into a reality. Pulier has a hand in technology, government, education, and healthcare. Having such a strong interest in technology has allowed him to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into start-up tech companies, which many have gone on to become a huge success themselves. He an investor as well to capital venture deals also while raising millions of dollars in capital in the process. Having such broad knowledge in investments and business, Eric Pulier can take a small idea then manifest it into a full fledged reality. There is just no denying what he can do and what he’s achieved so far. His track record is long while showing off his resume of success. (Get More Info)

This Teaneck, New Jersey native has blessed the world by his personal capabilities. His entrepreneur spirit allowed him to open his own restaurant and nightclub in Santa Monica, California. All in all, we are living in the presence of greatness that doesn’t come around too often and that’s why Mr. Pulier is the man, myth, and legend.

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ClassDojo Is Setting The Standard For Improving Education For Everyone

ClassDojo first launched back in 2011 with the goal of improving the quality of education for all students around the country, and eventually around the world. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the founders of ClassDojo, found the inspiration for the company and their platform after speaking with teachers all around the country about the severe lack of communication available to students and teachers, which they know first hand as ex-teachers themselves. ClassDojo is focused on greatly improving on the communication that is available to all parties, including students, parents, and teachers, in an attempt to keep everyone more connected and becoming more engaged in the schooling experience. Since the company’s start 5 years ago, they have impressively managed to spread across the United States into more than two thirds of all schools.

Sam and Liam are aware of the importance of communication for students in school, since it takes proper encouragement and communication for a child to develop properly. The two also created ClassDojo for all ages groups, from child to adult, and the application is easy to use for everyone regardless of an individuals capabilities with technology. Practically all devices on the market can run and download the application, as long as they are connected to the internet. Although user’s need to connect to the internet to use the application, all user information is safe and secure as the applications data is secure. Plus no personal information is required for anyone to recieve and invitation or sign up for ClassDojo.

To date, ClassDojo has managed to spark many connections all over the schooling community to brings parents, teachers, and students closer together. The platform has also gone a long way in building the confidence of students and the overall positivity of the schooling community as a whole. This is also why ClassDojo released their growth mindset videos, to help teach and inspire students through important life principals and learning lessons. All one needs to participate in the unique and exciting tool for education just needs to download the application for free on any device and ask for an invitation from a classroom instructor.

Beautiful Hair Comes Easy With WEN Cleansing Conditioners

Chaz Dean is the famous hair stylist that created the WEN hair care line more than 10 years ago and the brand is still doing well today. This is partly because WEN cleansing conditioners are all natural products that are capable of working well on all types of hair without causing any adverse issues. There are many reviews out there showing off how well WEN cleansing conditioners work, most notably Bustle Magazines WEN review, which was written and published by Emily McClure, who tested the product herself for a week. Not only did Wen hair perform better than she had expected, but she was getting so many compliments from her Facebook friends on the new look of her hair, that she permanently added WEN to her daily routine.

Despite her very fine hair that has always been difficult, WEN did the trick after some tweaking to her routine. She found it was best to shower and apply the product in the mornings, and for her hair, applying a tiny dosage compared to the recommended amount worked much better. Thanks to Chaz Dean’s thorough testing, WEN cleansing conditioners are very capable at removing product and contaminant buildup, and their thoroughly moisturize the hair and lock in natural moisture. This makes conditioners and many shampoos unnecessary when using WEN on a regular basis.

For most women, WEN cleansing conditioners will begin to show results within a week, sometimes two weeks for women with product build up or if they are also using other products in their hair. The best part about WEN is every bottle comes with a decent amount of product and only costs an average of $40 dollars, making WEN one of the more affordable all natural products on the market. Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay sell WEN cleansing conditioners in abundance and come with quick delivery times.


White Shark Media Emerges Among the Top Digital Marketing Agencies

White Shark Media is a leading digital advertising agency that offers exclusive marketing tools to small enterprises and assists in search marketing campaigns. It was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs who had extensive skills in online and offline marketing.


Under the leadership of Gary Garth, the CEO, the company has seen tremendous growth for the past five years.


White Shark Media’s rapid growth digital results from its ability to formulate top notch Search Marketing campaigns at affordable rates. Countless companies have built their business by utilizing White Shark’s online marketing solutions and marketing tools.


The company maintains its trust to clients by being highly accountable on a monthly basis. They achieve this by keeping a close eye on their client’s marketing efforts to capture all details. They use Google Analytics integration, Competitive Intelligence, Key-word Call Tracking, and Proprietary Reporting software.


The company is fully armed to help small and medium businesses to traverse the digital marketing world. It has more than 1,700 active SMB clients, almost $40M managed Ad Spend, and 250 employees, half of them being Expert Digital Marketing Wizards.


White Shark Media has at least 150 employees spread over three countries managing AdWords Search, Bing Ads, Google Analytics and Display Advertising


Google noticed White Shark’s rapid growth in early 2012 when they invited them to the Googleplex in Mountain View California. A designated team assigned to White Shark Media came in to help address the needs of the clients more rigorously.


In 2014, Google awarded White Shark Media with The Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. Very few agencies have achieved this recognition as Google selects these Premier SMB Partners from a group of strategic partners who are undergo training and a strict vetting process to confirm that they meet the standards set by Google.


Just in the same way, Microsoft recognized White Shark’s performance and track record in advertisement and marketing for SMBs. The two companies teamed up and White Shark became part of the Bing Ads Reseller program.


The CEO is dedicated to see all White Shark Media’s clients succeed. Hence, the company does not subject its customers to restrictive contracts. Their marketing solutions are fixed fee and cost effective, and the company is fully transparent.


Gary acknowledges that the digital marketing platform is a competitive one, but he assures his clients that the company is well equipped for the challenge. They hope to engage in more partnerships as they continue to deliver successful digital marketing solutions.

Jason Hope, Famous Giver

Jason Hope Gives BackIf you’ve always wanted to know about Jason Hope’s giving, then read on. Jason Hope, as many of you may know, is an internet entrepreneur, and one who has definitely made his mark on Scottsdale, Arizona, for his involvement in various projects, such as giving to the Boys and Girls Club. He has also made his name known by giving to the SENS Foundation, which is a veritable charity in its own right.

Hope talks about his charitable giving in a number of ways. He says that he is committed to it. He also says that he wants his charity focus to be about more than just one facet of his life, and he wants it to represent his interest in the greater good on the whole. His goal with getting involved with SENS Foundation, which focuses on curing diseases, is to promote a longer, better quality of life for all people. SENS does this by focusing on finding cures for diseases that may typically affect us as we age.

Hope says that he likes SENS’s approach because they focus on fixing the relationship the body has to disease: they want to help find a cure for what breaks the body down and makes us age faster, including things like Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease. SENS is also focused on prevention, which is a huge plus for Jason Hope, as he wants to make sure people don’t get sick anymore.

Hope is focused on innovation in his giving, and he has made his name through a recent half a million dollar donation to SENS. If you are looking for a place to give your money, you can look to SENS, too, if you want to, and you can find that they will use your money to good effect, I’m sure.

Cruelty Free Beauty With Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime makeup is a popular brand of cosmetics that is both vegan and cruelty-free. The CEO and founder Doe Deere wanted to create fashionable makeup that was made free of any animal products or animal testing. Lime Crime founder Doe Deere has given herself the title of Unicorn Queen, and inspires her many loyal followers on the internet to be themselves and to be unapologetically colorful.


The philosophy behind the colorful makeup company believes in being creative, unique, and colorful without needless animal cruelty. Makeup names and color selections are inspired by istening to the brand’s loyal internet fans, and encouraging everyone to be unique. Doe Deere started her company in 2008, after she found it difficult to find vegan makeup in colors that matched her fabulous eccentric look. Color is very important to Doe Deere, in order to express oneself vibrantly.

Lime Crime is a trendsetter in makeup for fashionable beautiful people. Velvetines Matte is a gorgeous selection of lipstick colors, inspired by rose petals, with fun names like: lulu, moonstone, and alien. The lipsticks retail for $20 each, and come in an original liquid formula. You can also find a wide selection of nail polishes, eye makeup, and other on trend cosmetics for all skin tones. The company has a large following on Instagram, is reasonably priced, and US orders over $50 ships free!


Tap into your inner wild side, feel the energy and express your creative side with this youthful makeup. You will not be disappointed with your makeup selections, and you can feel proud to wear vegan cruelty-free makeup.

Making Connections With Others at the Kabbalah Centre

One of the most important things that all people strive to do in life is to make connections with others. Being connected with others allows people to realize they are not alone in life. It also helps combat feelings of loneliness and alienation that may result when people do not have others they can connect with their community. Community can be defined in many ways. One such way is via the community of those who share a similar sense of spirituality. This is a fact that those at the Kabbalah Centre know very well. They know that it is imperative for humans to be able to reach out to others who may share their interests and want to form a community that serves their needs for company and for exploration of the world of spirit.


Many Chances To Interact

With help from the Kabbalah Centre, there are many ways that people can arrange to meet and to expand their own personal community. Here, meetings are given that allow people to interact with others who also want to learn as much as possible about the world of Kabbalah. The focus hers is on spirituality where all people can come together in a loving communion of minds that allows them to feel as if they are part of something that is larger.


Meetings Of Many Kinds

Regular meetings mean that people can choose to interact with others who may also wish to consider various ways they can study this field of learning. Weekly events mean that people can take the time out of their lives to have some portion of the week that is devoted to making connections with others in a safe and pleasing setting. The place also offers monthly meetings as well for those who may not have as much time in their lives yet still wish to engage with others who share their delight in this field. They can escape into a world in which they know they are fully welcomed and appreciated for their ability to make important contributions to any ongoing discussions of this particular field.

Adam Goldenberg Leads the Way

Adam Goldenberg began his impressive career at the age of 15. He created a gaming company known as Gamers Alliance. Gamers Alliance quickly generated a buzz, and Goldenberg was able to sell it to Intermix, the parent company of Myspace. He quit high school in order to join the Intermix team. The move across the country would prove highly beneficial. Goldenberg was promoted to COO within two years. This made him the youngest person to hold such a position in a publicly traded company. It was here that he would meet his longtime partner Don Ressler. The two became great friends, and would go on to build a fantastic business relationship.

When Intermix was bought out by a larger corporation, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wasted no time in forming a powerful duo. They initially focused on health and beauty, and how their products were discovered by consumers on the internet. This would eventually lead to a journey in fashion.

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TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

JustFab became the concept created by Goldenberg and Ressler. The idea was to tap into undiscovered markets. Providing cutting-edge fashion at an affordable price was a concept that had not been explored up to this point. Consumers would be able to receive a number of items tailored to their taste, for a fixed price every month.

JustFab focused on women’s apparel, an unlikely venture for two young men. However, they were convinced that their business model was innovative. They enlisted the help of knowledgeable fashion experts to assist with the distribution of their products. This led to a working relationship with Kimora Simmons, a long-time fashion icon. Kimora had been friends with Don, and grew very interested in their business platform. She would soon come on board as the president of JustFab.

The popularity of the company grew faster than expected. Goldenberg would have to quickly discover new partnership opportunities in order for this new venture to thrive in the manner it was envisioned. Before long JustFab was a global brand. The company’s influence expanded worldwide. This made for enormous success. Business interests have reached as far as Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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