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The Role Played by ClassDojo in Creating an Enchanting Classroom Environment

When Sam Chaudhary arrived in Palo Alto from the United Kingdom in 2011, he only had a 90-day tourist visa, an undergraduate degree in economics and some teaching experience. However, he had a big dream, which was to launch an ed-tech upstart. Sam was faced with the troublesome issue of lacking an idea about the exact form that his upstart would take. He had to start afresh together with cofounder Liam Don.

The two young men spent their first week reaching to teachers throughout California to establish challenges that bedevil them. They were operating from a small room, which doubled up as their sleeping quarters and offices. The two friends were however forced to return to the UK after their visas expired. Despite this, they kept reaching put to more educators. Luckily, their hard work and patience paid off.

Positive Attributes of the App

Five years down the line, Liam and Sam are the brains behind the latest ed-tech app ClassDojo, which has become highly popular within the teaching fraternity. The application is available to iOS and Android users on the App Store and Play Store respectively. The application is easy to use. It works just like a social media platform, and gives parents the ability to keep track of their children’s learning activities. This is done through videos and photos that are taken and uploaded by teachers.

ClassDojo has been downloaded by millions of parents and educators throughout the world. In the US for instance, it is used in more than two-thirds of schools. This unique communication platform has received rave reviews due to its ability to create a positive learning environment by connecting parents, teachers and students.

ClassDojo in Brief

Since its formation, the Francisco based company has made a name for itself within the education fraternity by advancing a unique application, which has the ability to ground up change in learning institutions. The company has grown remarkably despite facing stiff competition from similar companies that are more established. Its maiden app ClassDojo, is used in more than 85,000 learning centers.

ClassDojos’s founders have mainly been focusing on helping the firm to achieve more market visibility. To gain the trust of users, the company ensures that confidential information about them is kept as discrete as possible. The firm has a team of 25 highly motivated staff, all of whom are experts in various fields. Its popularity has seen it attract funding from venture firms such as General Catalyst.

Interesting Changes May Be In Store for Two California Ski Resorts

As one of the United States of America’s largest ski areas, Squaw Valley Ski Resort, situated in Olympic Valley, California, hosted Winter Olympics 1960. Squaw Valley boasts 30 chairlifts that allow skiers to enjoy 3,600 snow-covered acres. Among its claims to fame, Squaw Valley is America’s only ski resort with a funitel. After removing skis or snowboards, 20 to 30 people are treated to breathtaking vistas as they are transported cable car style to higher altitude slopes. Many ski enthusiasts prefer funitel usage as opposed to gondola transport because of their capacity to function effectively during high wind speed conditions. Squaw Valley experiences an average of 40 feet of snow per year.

High Camp provides a venue for visitors including non-skiers to enjoy this beautiful resort’s pools, roller skating area and disk golf as well as shopping and fine dining. Under the watch care of CEO Andrew Wirth, summer happenings include beer and wine events, yoga instruction and concerts by world-renowned musicians, not to mention annual festivals.

1961 heralded the opening of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, an ideal venue for skiers of all skill levels. From a 3 chairlift availability, Alpine Meadows has grown to now offer 13 lifts spanning its 2,400 acres of snow. In partnership with Disable Sports USA, Alpine Meadows endeavors to provide the ultimate in snow skiing and snowboarding activities for DSUSA’s mentally and physically challenged members of all ages. Alpine Meadows was the brainchild of John Riley and Peter Klaussen.
Originally, the primary goal of Alpine Meadows was to cater to non-profit organizations rather than for-profit business ventures sought by Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

In an effort to improve skiing in the Lake Tahoe area, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows operations merged under the umbrella of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings,LLC. According to Powder Magazine news articles, plans are in the works to construct a gondola that would link the ski trails and amenities of both of these outstanding resorts together.

The gondola will begin at the bottom of Squaw Valley and span a ridge in order to connect with Alpine Meadows. One bone of contention for many people is that gondola construction will impact national forest land. Aside from the amount of time and expense that is involved in completing paperwork for approval, there are environmental groups waiting in the wings whose ultimate goal is to preserve a dwindling amount of open land in California.

The Strength of Susan McGalla

There are a lot of females that are looking for a chance to do what Susan McGalla has done. She has been able to build a career for herself and totally change the way that females view the concept of the glass ceiling. She has proven that there is strength in persistence, and many women are admiring the resume that she has built.

Most people that are familiar with her work will agree that Susan McGalla has done some great things for several different companies. She opened the doors to success early at American Eagle, but she certainly didn’t start at the top. It would be over a length of time that she would prove herself and her value to the company as she moved up in the ranks on BizJournals. Her personality and her dedication to moving up the ladder would give her the ability to eventually acquire the title of CEO.

As time moved on Susan McGalla would sharpen her skills in the clothing industry and continue to build a name as a woman that breaks down barriers and lifts up a standard in business. She has proven with her transition to the Pittsburgh Steelers that she can do a lot of different jobs. McGalla’s ability to work on things like the fashion campaign for the Pittsburgh Steelers shows that she is very diverse. She knows fashion and she knows how to lead. These are two things that the Steelers seem to be looking for as she became the Director of Strategic Planning.

Susan McGalla has changed her role over time, but she has always stayed grounded and concerned about the advancement of women in the industry. She has really gained some respect in the industry because she has shown other women how to sharpen their leadership skills. She has stated that it is a must to attend college, and she also believes that women must work harder than men to get their voices heard.

She leads the fashion campaign for a male dominated industry of teams that only have male players. This is true evidence that she has to work quite hard to get to where she wanted to be. Her passion for leading and bringing a new fashion line in for the Pittsburgh Steelers fans has been admirable. People are falling in love with the new style of t-shirts, jerseys, sweaters, jackets and caps that are available for game day. Source:

The Quality of Lip Balm Products

There are a wide range of lip balm products on the market. This is especially true during the fall and winter months where people start to get chapped lips more than any other time. The Evolution of Smooth has managed to become a lip balm product leader as it takes the lead with a number of interesting products that are designed to provide nutrition and protection.
EOS has managed to become a leader in the lip balm industry primarily because of the organic ingredients that are put to use. There are a wide range of lip balm products out there, but it is the Evolution of Smooth ingredients like Shea butter that separates it from others. There is a long line of products from the Evolution of Smooth that gives people access to shaving creams and lotions, but the lip balm is taking the lead.

Consumers are discovering on these discreet containers of lip balm nutrition because of the curious nature of people that are buzzing about this online. A good number of people have decided to make this the only lip balm that they use because it has a variety of flavors. There are cool flavors like coconut milk and vanilla mint that have a lot of people buzzing. There are blogs and social media tags that give people the chance to discuss their joy about the products. It has been something of a media sensation with more than 6 million people that are posting likes for the different types of lip balm offered by the Evolution of Smooth.

People are often going to gravitate towards those products that are dermatologist approved, and the Evolution of Smooth products fit the bill. These are products that have been tried and tested, and customers are pleased with the results. Visit EOS’ Linked In profile for more information.

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New York City’s Tarallucci e Vino Restaurants Are Great Special Occasion Destinations

New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world. New York is a mixture of different cultures, unique social activities, and an array of vintage as well as modern architectural designs. Some people say New York City is a melting pot for crime and others say it is an educational hub where the elite enjoy an opulent existence and the challenged find hope in the energetic street life. New York City is a food loving metropolis where more than 7,000 restaurants open their doors every day, and offer New Yorkers and visitors exquisitely prepared as well as quickly prepared meals. New York City is a town filled with creativity and parties. People gather to celebrate life in large and small groups. New Yorkers have their favorite restaurants and hangouts, and they depend on those establishments. New York restaurants are more than places to eat for New Yorkers. They are extensions of the eclectic cultures that thrive in the city. Tarallucci e Vino Restaurants is one of those Italian restaurants.

Tarallucci e Vino Restaurants are known for serving great Italian food and wine. The four locations around the city also serve as event planning destinations. In fact, Tarallucci e Vino was named one of the top event planning destinations in New York. The four locations sit in neighborhoods that demand excellence when it comes to service, quality, and atmosphere. Tarallucci e Vino’s Union Square location as well as the East Village, Upper West Side, and the Copper-Hewitt location in the Smithsonian Design Museum meet the demands of their neighborhoods. Tarallucci e Vino is an excellent place to have a large party and the perfect place to relax and enjoy dinner with a special someone.

Not all New York restaurants live up to the call of excellence, but the four Tarallucci e Vino restaurants exceed those expectations. The décor, the service, and the food are rooted in the Italian culture. It’s hard not to fall in love when dining or partying at a Tarallucci e Vino location. But Tarallucci e Vino is not the only restaurant that goes beyond the limits of fine food and lands in the realm of the special few. Le Bernardin, the Midtown West old world titan, has been serving seafood the French way since 1986. Le Bernardin is a formal, white tablecloth, jackets-required restaurant with decorous service and leather banquettes. It is one of those special restaurants that can accommodate large parties as well as an intimate dinner for two.

Another gem with great private rooms for special occasions is the Gramercy Tavern in Flatiron. The Gramercy Tavern made TV chef, Tom Colicchio a star, and it is the restaurant that launched a plethora of casual, but upscale American style eateries in the city. Gramercy Tavern is a great place to have a big party and for the last 20 years New Yorkers having been doing just that. The Danny Meyer restaurant has become the place to go in New York for great American cuisine, excellent service and lots of company. Gramercy Tavern is always filled with guests that are celebrating in a private room or dining in the Tavern.

Duda Melzer Looks To Digital Advances For RBS And Other Sirotsky Businesses


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer likes to be known by his nickname Duda and is often seen as taking a relaxed approach to the business world he has entered in the footsteps of his grandfather and uncle. However, Duda has been working throughout his life to make sure he was more than prepared to take on the role of leading the jewel in the Sirotsky family crown, the RBS media group; from his education in North America at the prestigious Hardvard to his heading of the e.Bricks group for the family Duda is a businessperson climbing fast.

Duda has been an important figure at RBS since his return from the U.S. in 2004 to take control of many different areas of the business before finally being named Executive President in 2016. Although he understands the legacy his family has with the RBS group, Duda is also a modern businessperson who takes the need for a 21st century approach to the business very seriously; the latest Sirotsky family member to take control of the RBS Group broadcast the handover of the Presidency live to the company employees and takes every digital advantage available to conduct business in a positive and modern way.

During his time with RBS Duda Melzer has been working on a dedicated plan for the three pillars of the company, business, communication, and education. Through his role with the e.Bricks group Melzer hopes to bring a global approach to education that will see partners around the world play increasing roles in the work of the investment company. Through e.Bricks Duda Melzer is hoping to find digital solutions to the problems facing people in Brazil and around the world.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Growing By The Day


Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that is on the way up and it is only going to get better from here with someone that has the good business sense that Ken Goodrich has in his back pocket. He has always prided himself on doing a good job. In fact, he takes pride in the work that he does. He feels as if though you are going to do something, it is important to get it right the first time and not make any mistakes. He is a perfectionist in that way. However, that is what makes him so good and what makes him such a great CEO and why Goettl Air Conditioning is in the position it is in today.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation
One must remember that this was a company that not many people held in high regard back in 2012. In fact, many were avoiding it like the plaque and wanted nothing to do with it. They thought they were shady, underhanded, cunning, and they had poor customer service. Within 18 months, he has completely changed the staff and the way people look at the company. Now, people have tons and tons of respect for the company and they can’t say enough good things about it. They think the world of it, in fact, and the job that Ken Goodrich has done.

Ken, however, has always remained humble and grateful for the chance and he is very proud of his staff. As with any company or any team, it is a group effort and everyone has to pitch in for you to have success and for the company to grow. It is not a one man show. While Ken Goodrich is an important and vital part of it, he can’t do the job all by himself. He was wise to recruit people that he knew could not only do the job, but they could do it the right way.

His employees take each and every job incredibly seriously. They understand the importance of customer service and they go above and beyond for the customer to make sure they are satisfied and the job is done to their liking. They are listeners and they ask questions. They want to make sure it is done right the first time, so the customer doesn’t run into any recurring issues or problem in the future with their air conditioner. Their skills and training have prepared them for this.

Dick Devos and his efforts in Education

Dick DeVos is a notable figure in the educations sector. Due to his efforts to reform the sector, he has earned herself the nickname of a ‘reformer’. Recently, His wife Betsy Devos had an interview with Philanthropy magazine where he talked much about his careers and issues affecting the education sector. She has since been involved with various initiatives right from the time he was involved in campus politics. She has led various campaigns for the last 30 years. These would include political action committees and party organizations.
Just like in politics, Devos has been active in business by looking for innovative solutions to social problems. She currently serves as the Windquest Group, a company that involves in clean energy, technology and manufacturing. This is a firm she co-founded with her husband in 1989. She is the former president of both Amway and Orlando Magic NBA franchise.
During the interview, she was asked about the role of government in Education. This is where she said that she felt optimistic that the growth of the private school voucher movement is accelerating. She says that within the last year, there has been an exponential growth in the number of students in educational choice programs. She said that she was contented by the fact that educational choice enjoys enormous popularity especially among the Latinos.
Mrs. Devos believes that her involvement in the movement with Dick was gradual right from the time they had school-age children. It was during their visits to schools that they realized parents were more concerned about taking their children to school they felt had safer environments. As a result of this, Mrs. Devos together with her husband Dick DeVos became increasingly concerned about helping other parents, especially those that came from low income families. She says that just as they felt the need to get their children to good schools, they ought to do the same for other parents who could not afford it on their own.
As a result of her political action, she has been in various educational committees. This helped her shape her thinking and thus the need to be more involved in the educational choice movement. She says that they realized they need to have a keen review of themselves and do this in a better manner. This led them to seek the help of various other key players. This is where they formed the American Federation for Children. This would help them have better advocacy for children.

Lime Crime Inspiration

When I think about a fearless woman living her dreams and creating a brand that represents being your true self and being yourself unapologetically, I think of Lime Crime and its creator Doe Deere.

She is inspiring to say the least, and with one look at her anyone can see that she has a big personality.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics brand that has bright and vivid colors perfect for the edgy woman (or man).

According to Deere’s interview with Galore, she created the name of the brand on a whim without knowing how far her brand would actually grow, and it turned out to be the most perfect name of all.

The packaging on all of her Lime Crime products is to die for, and the ever popular Velvetines liquid lipsticks have the perfect formulation for a smooth non-drying matte lip.

Her Galore article also touches upon the fact that she was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. If that doesn’t make little girls believe that they can actually live out their dreams with hard work and dedication, I don’t know what will.

It is normally frowned upon for a woman to be independent and make her own way in the world by using her own creativity and desire for her life, but Doe Deere’s story makes one want to go out there and achieve whatever is in your heart!

This brand makes it fun and okay to stick out in a crowd (like the Unicorns we are) and we all have Doe Deere to thank for that.