Avi Weisfogel’s Passion for children in need

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has always been extremely concerned about the well being of his patients. As a surgeon and medical facilitator, Dr. Weisfogel has been trained in the art of managing patient wellness. For years, Dr. Weisfogel’s primary goal has been the care of young patients who suffer from traumatic or debilitating conditions that can be cured through surgery. He focuses his effort on countries outside the United States, where it is much more difficult for patients who lack money to attain these surgeries. For the last several years, in fact, Dr. Weisfogel has spent the majority of his time traveling to impoverished areas of the world to provide essential treatments and surgeries to children who would otherwise live a painful life filled with excessive difficulty and heartache.

Dr. Weisfogel developed a passion for traveling the world to initiate these surgeries when he gained knowledge of the condition of the medical system in some undeveloped countries. Dr. Weisfogel learned many years ago that patients in underdeveloped countries often die from diseases that are very preventable and have cures that are readily available in the United States and in other developed nations. People in the developing world also often lack access to medical facilities. In fact, the number of doctors in some developing countries is swiftly declining. Dr. Weisfogel reported that in one of the countries that he visited to perform a needed surgery on a child, there was only one other surgeon who resided in the region. This fact caused several hundreds of families to flock to Dr. Weisfogel when they heard that he was in town and caused him to extend his trip several weeks past what he had initially intended. Dr. Weisfogel immediately recognized the importance of developing a program such as the one he is now operating.

Dr. Weisfogel recently initiated a Go Fund Me account in an effort to financially support the new program he operates. The doctor hopes to instill in children a sense of hope and opportunity by providing them with their much anticipated surgeries. He hopes to leave them feeling that no obstacle is too much for them.


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