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What To Look For When Choosing A Reputation Management Service

When it comes to business some people will tell you that your reputation is everything you have. This is so true and it becomes more noticeable when you think how quickly that same reputation can be built up or tore down on the internet. A five star rating that too your business years to earn can be torn down to nothing in a matter of minutes. A few clicks of the mouse and your business reputation is tarnished forever.

The internet and the ability to rate things and comment about things does not only affect business people. It also affects people who are seeking jobs and promotions. When people who are in the company you are looking to work for start to research your name and your web presence turns out to be questionable, who know what could happen. You might not get the job or you might lose the job you have.

In today’s world it so important to manage your reputation. It is hard to do on your own however and here is why, as fast as you get some comment taken down, a new one could arise. As a result you will spend way too much time trying to get your reputation restored. Lucky for you, there is a better way. What you need is a reputation management service. Better Reputation is a service who will help to restore your good name. They can be found at

The experts at Better Reputation know the ins and outs of reputation management services. They will be able to monitor your name and reputation and adjust any fixes that come up with ease. Better Reputation is a cost effective service too. Using them to do all of your reputation management services is a no brainer and very cost effective. After all, you can’t put a price on keeping your reputation clean.

Better Reputation can help you to stop, fix and even prevent reputation disasters. They will also help to promote and protect your company’s brand which will bring longevity to your business. Your reputation is much too important to leave to chance, talk to the experts at Better Reputation today and keep your reputation intact.

Why Is George Soros So Vitally-Interested In American Politics?

Georges Soros is an international billionaire who is quite wealthy because his incredible skill as a trader. He is vitally-interested in American politics, and he has a massive reputation for offering money to political campaigns. This article gives an explanation of how and why George is so interested in the American political scene. His interests in investment have led him to a belief that pointed monetary changes are necessary.

#1: What Side Of The Aisle Does George Stand On?
George Soros is known as a liberal who quite often supports democratic candidates in America, and he wishes for liberal candidates to win offices around the world. According to CNBC, George prefers regulation that protects his investments, and he prefers a progressive monetary scheme that benefits the common investor who is carefully investing.

#2: What Changes Has George Made?
George has made quite a few changes to his portfolio in America. He has chosen to push his money into gold, and he invested in gold distribution as a backup plan. Concerns about the political environment in America have driven George and his ilk to protect themselves, and they have chosen to reduce volume in America before they are losing money after a surprise election result.

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George earned quite a lot of money in the past as a currency speculator, and he is famous for using the British pound to make a billion dollars in one day. He is willing to take risks when necessary, but he does not believe that America is a necessary risk at this time. Gold has long been the mainstay of lifelong investors, and George has proven that he may default to gold as a standby until such time as he chooses to move his money once again.

#3: What Are George’s Concerns?
George is concerned about the migration from the middle east, and he wishes to avoid problems that may mirror the Greek government bailout. He does not wish to be invested in unsteady American stocks or bonds for fear that his family fund may lose money. Soros Fund Management controls over $30 billion, and the family has remained safe due to their conservative approach to investment.

George prefers to remain safe with his money, and his choices mirror an approach that famous investors have taken under similar circumstances. Soros Fund Management has selected gold and gold miner investments to offset movement away from the United States.

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Businessman Keith Mann Show Appreciation To New York City Cops

New York City businessman and philanthropist Keith Mann say he supports the NYPD and wants to show his appreciation for the job they are doing.

The embattled NYPD has come under fire the over the last few years for a number of highly-publicized shootings of unarmed African American men. Mann explained that although he respects the protesters’ 4th Amendment rights, policing is something that he says is very close to home for him.

Keith Mann has family members who are police officers. “The vast majority of police officers are good. And those who do a good job everyday should be commended,” said Mann. To show his appreciation, Mann sent the entire 54th Precinct lunch. Although he looked at it as a small gesture, the officers were very appreciative of the act of kindness.

During protests, there were reports of cops being pelted with rocks and spat on. Something Mann says is unfortunate. “Those cops are the first line of protection for citizens. They should be respected instead of scorned.” Mann says he also doesn’t want to see innocent civilians getting hurt or killed based on overzealous police practices.

Mann says despite recent events, he still supports the NYPD. Mann says people should be able to find common ground and use that as a jumping off point. “We have to be able to talk to each other and hash out our problems.”

Mann is a businessman and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. His company was established to supply support for hedge fund companies. He works with hundreds of companies both domestic and abroad. Mann is also a philanthropist that supports the inner city Uncommon Schools. The Bronx charter school offers programs to help underprivileged children go to college if they so desire. Mann has also just introduced a $5000 scholarship in his name.

Brad Reifler’s Advice On Investing

Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital has been involved in the business of managing finances and investing for many years. Naturally, spending a lot of time in the investment world means he knows a thing or two about how to properly deal with investments.

Because of his time at Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler has knowledge about all sides of the investing market, from the top one percent who have access to government capital to put in public funds, to the masses who do not have access to much wealth and can’t invest at all in the same funds the top one percentile do. Reifler was once interviewed by Reuters and when asked, he gave three specific sets of advice to those who wish to become a successful investor. His tips were to avoid investing all the money in the stock market, building a relationship with fund managers and most importantly, knowing why bother getting involved in investment in the first place.

As CrunchBase shows, Reifler is giving out this advice because he knows exactly what investing is like from the perspective of the average person. He recalls the time he began investing in a 529 college savings plan for his daughters when it came time for them to go to college, only to later discover that he didn’t save nearly as much money as he thought he did.

Since then, Brad Reifler has gone out of his way to change how investing is done, and paying attention to non-accredited investors who don’t receive as much attention as they deserve in the financial world. He has helped to mitigate this problem through the creation of the Forefront Income Trust Initiative, which is a program that allows for non-accredited people in the middle class to invest some of their funds every quarter without having to take a lot of unnecessary risks in the process. Furthermore, this would serve as proof that investing isn’t something that only people in the top one percent should get involved with.

Danilo Diaz Granados: The Man Behind the Luxury

Danilo Diaz Granados is an entrepreneur investor that is self made and has made many notable contributions to the private marketplace. He attended Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts from 2007 to 2010. Babson College focuses on business and has become the most prestigious entrepreneurship college in the United States. Danilo Diaz Granados went on to work in the telecommunications field before beginning his first major start up business.

According to LinkedIn, Danilo Diaz Granados started working for Movilway in 2012. He is currently a manager for the service network. Movilway is a leading mobile network and electronic payments provider in Latin America reaching more than nine countries. Movilway belongs to a group, which consists of three companies. Celestics, Movilway, and Sure Destiny which make up The Celestics Group which began operations in mid- 2008 in Madrid, Spain and then eventually consolidated in Latin America.

Danilo Diaz Granados went on to co-found Toys for Boys Miami LLC. This new company is a luxury boutique and offers a private collection for today’s high net worth individuals. Toys for Boys Miami LLC offers high end products and extravagant artifacts and is located in Wynwood, Miami. Unlike many other stores and shops, Toys for Boys Miami LLC offers private viewings of all it’s products and it’s showroom to protect the customers privacy. They carry everything from top end sunglasses to luxury estate properties. Sources say that in the area, Toys for Boys Miami LLC is the first of it’s kind.

In 2015 because of a new American ordinance Danilo Diaz Granados’ visa was temporarily revoked. Currently Danilo Diaz Granados’ social media profile on LinkedIn says that he is in New York, so it appears that his affairs are in order and all is back to normal. Pictures on Danilo Diaz Granados’ Twitter and Instagram show him enjoying the fruits of his hard work and dedication to success.  Check out more on his Vimeo.

Avi Weisfogel’s Passion for children in need

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has always been extremely concerned about the well being of his patients. As a surgeon and medical facilitator, Dr. Weisfogel has been trained in the art of managing patient wellness. For years, Dr. Weisfogel’s primary goal has been the care of young patients who suffer from traumatic or debilitating conditions that can be cured through surgery. He focuses his effort on countries outside the United States, where it is much more difficult for patients who lack money to attain these surgeries. For the last several years, in fact, Dr. Weisfogel has spent the majority of his time traveling to impoverished areas of the world to provide essential treatments and surgeries to children who would otherwise live a painful life filled with excessive difficulty and heartache.

Dr. Weisfogel developed a passion for traveling the world to initiate these surgeries when he gained knowledge of the condition of the medical system in some undeveloped countries. Dr. Weisfogel learned many years ago that patients in underdeveloped countries often die from diseases that are very preventable and have cures that are readily available in the United States and in other developed nations. People in the developing world also often lack access to medical facilities. In fact, the number of doctors in some developing countries is swiftly declining. Dr. Weisfogel reported that in one of the countries that he visited to perform a needed surgery on a child, there was only one other surgeon who resided in the region. This fact caused several hundreds of families to flock to Dr. Weisfogel when they heard that he was in town and caused him to extend his trip several weeks past what he had initially intended. Dr. Weisfogel immediately recognized the importance of developing a program such as the one he is now operating.

Dr. Weisfogel recently initiated a Go Fund Me account in an effort to financially support the new program he operates. The doctor hopes to instill in children a sense of hope and opportunity by providing them with their much anticipated surgeries. He hopes to leave them feeling that no obstacle is too much for them.


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