Talk Fusion Introduces Try Before You Buy Offer

Talk Fusion is a web video hosting platform that now offers prospects the chance to try out their services free for the first 30 days with no obligation. Prospects don’t even have to put their credit or debit card on file. If they’re not convinced of its value by the end of that first month, they may cancel with no penalty.

As computer technology becomes more powerful and efficient, video becomes the preferred form of content. This is especially true because many people now use mobile phones and tablets that also double not only as cameras, but as video cameras. Therefore, it’s now no trick for people to use their phones, a video camera or the web cam on their laptops to shoot videos for YouTube, Facebook or other platforms. However, videos between friends and families or videos to and from employees, or to and from service professionals or sales people and their clients, do not need to go on public or social sites. They communicate privately through email, so why shouldn’t they be able to send their videos to each other via email?

That’s where Bob Reina, CEO of the company, and Talk Fusion comes into the picture. Years ago, while still serving as a police officer, Reina wanted to send a friend a video via email. AOL told him it couldn’t be done. Reina and a friend of his figured out how to accomplish that. Reina ran with the technology, leaving law enforcement behind and, in 2007, founding Talk Fusion.

Since that time, Talk Fusion has expanded its product line to include not just video email, but also video newsletters, live meetings, sign-up forms and video chat. Their Video Chat service recently won the WebRTC Product of the Year for 2016 Award. Technology Marketing Corporation gives out the Web Real-Time-Communications honors in March. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat platform enables people to use any device — smartphone, computer or tablet — to speak with each other. The app is available from iTunes and Google Play.

Talk Fusion’s free trial service is available in nine languages and 140 countries. Prospects need to put in only their name and an email address.

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