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Sanjay Shah’s Podcast

Eric Dye has the pleasure of interviewing entrepreneur, Sanjay Shah, for the radio podcast that’s geared towards helping other entrepreneurs with the inspiration. options, advice and many other issues and resolutions that may come up. Shah has been producing successful companies for many years, and has figured out what it takes to gain a successful business and make it work. He mentions in the podcast to agree to disagree that people as business owners can’t do it all. They need to hire staff to rely on. Finding expert staff and training them can be a challenge, but completely doable.

Shah is the CEO and owner of Solo Capital, which is a proprietary trading and consulting firm that he started from the ground up. He actually has spent many years in the accounting and financial industry, so he can end some valuable experience and professional advice to many who are listening. Solo Capital is stationed in London but has offices located in Dubai and the surrounding areas of Central London. He quit is prestigious accounting job to start Solo Capital, and he is glad that he did. It was a company that progressed very fast and increased in sales within just a few shot years. It has allowed Shah to retire from the industry and venture into a new charity that he founded in 2014.

Most people know Shah from Solo Capital and from Autism Rocks, a charity that is based to raise money to increase awareness with autism. It has been a charity that is very close to is heart since the recent diagnosis of his son. Autism is a neurological condition that affects many people today. He hopes to be able to raise some money for the charity so he can donate the funds to research projects, universities and programs that help raise awareness. There is no cure for autism, but it is his hope to raise awareness on the condition and hopefully have a better understanding of autism. He wants to be able to help his son as much as he can. He also wants to be able to help patients who are diagnosed with autism and help the families cope with the difficult behaviors that can be exhibited at times. Autism Rocks is an invite only charity event that is performed by famous musicians that help raise money for the charity. Shah has many activities lined up to increase donations for the charity.


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Securus Technology provides new convenient ways to contact your loved one

Inmate video phone calls are now available as an android and an Apple-friendly application brought to you by a leader in correctional facility communications Securus Technologies. The app is called Securus Video Visit and provides the inmate’s friends and family with a much easy way to visit. Since the app is available on phones and tablets the users can visit the inmates from virtually anywhere and eradicates the need for web cameras, computers, and extra hardware.

Use of the app for Android phones has been available approximately for six months now and has been downloaded for use by over 60,000 people as reported by PR newswire. Apples’ app was released a week ago and has been applied by nearly 5,000 people. The app can be easily downloaded from Google Play and includes features that relate inmate visit details to a calendar, upcoming visit reminders, and offers testing of Wi-Fi and cellular networks so that the visitors may see their loved on with the best audiovisual quality.
Securus Technologies Company was formed during 1986 and is a for-profit correctional facility phone service provider. The company is based out of Dallas Texas.
In addition to video visitations, Securus America Technologies also offers other services such as Advance Connect prepaid calling accounts, Direct Bill calling accounts billed directly to the user, Inmate Debit calling accounts that allow for the inmate to pay for their own telephone calls, and Traditional Collect accounts in which calls from a correctional facility are added to your phone providers bill. New services that are offered include Jail Voicemail in which you can leave a voicemail for an inmate who will be notified and able to hear your message. This is useful when you are unable to take a call from an inmate or need to get information to an inmate sooner than they would be able to contact you.

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Sam Tabar Named Chief Operating Officer by Full Cycle Energy

Sam Tabar is Enthusiastic and Honored
Sam Tabar had expressed much enthusiasm over being named Chief Operating Officer. He had been appointed at FullCycle Energy Fund to be responsible for the fund management strategy at this company. Tabar is honored to play this role. This had been reported originally on the PRNewswire. Sam Tabar is proud to have the opportunity to partner with this senior leadership team. This team takes pride in delivering the company mission. The mission is clear. This team is moving away from polluting fuels and high cost fuels. The goal is to provide environmentally friendly fuels at a lower cost. Dedication and solid team work is included in this mission.

Sam Tabar Brings Experience and Knowledge
Sam Tabar does have solid experience and sound knowledge to offer to this position. Much of his career has included overseeing budget strategies. This has been done by Tabar for several financial institutions. Tabar has much financial and management experience to offer. Previously, he had also worked as an attorney. This was for Skadden, Aprps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. He also worked for Schulte, Roth & Zabel. Tabar is highly educated. He obtained his Masters of Law from Columbia Law School. At this time, he is involved with the New York State Bar. He is an esteemed member of this bar, and can be contacted for legal advice through Thumbtack.

More About FullCycle Energy Fund
In the year 2013, FullCycle Energy Fund was founded. This company had been originally created for the following reasons:
* finance and own projects
* revolutionize relationships with waste
* convert expensive environmental problems
* turn these problems into valuable and clean fuel
* use this clean fuel to power communities
The goal has incorporated the powering of communities across the entire globe. FullCycle Energy has a clear mission. This mission strives to invest in the following:
* new and retrofit traditional electric generation plants
* lower costs
* environmentally friendly fuels
* these fuels are derived from Municipal Solid Waste

Choosing the Right Reputation Management Service and Better Reputation

Your Business Relies on a Good Reputation
Every business is aware just how important their reputation is. It is safe to state that your business does rely on a good reputation. Every business can build a good reputation quickly. Social media and some of the review sites really can be helpful in showing off a great reputation. A site like Yelp can boost your business to the top. There is also a downside to the Internet. It is important to know that it moves swiftly. A business can be boosted or it also has the ability to hit the bottom. A five star rating can drop to a one with only one blunder. All information can be found and viewed with a Google search. Your business relies on a good reputation and your name does too. A good reputation is vital. A good reputation management service can be very beneficial to a business and to individuals too.

Choosing a Reputation Management Service
A good reputation management service will provide quality services that leave you or your business with a clean and impressive reputation. When selecting the service, make certain that the following services are included. These necessary services include:
* search engine optimization management
* third-party website monitoring
* social media management
* content development and management
These are necessary services that a good reputation management service will provide you or your business with.

Solid Protection
The good reputation management service will protect your reputation. This type of service will have the resources to ensure that a strategy in in place. When you strategize, this offers protection against any possible negative situations. When you choose your reputation management service, make certain that the right services are included. Your reputation management needs are unique. Make certain that the service provides everything that you will need to keep a polished and good reputation.

A Reputation Under Control with Better Reputation
Better Reputation is a company that will assist you or your business to maintain better control. This is a reputation service that is dedicated to preserving and maintaining your reputation. Your brand and your name will be in excellent hands when you rely on Better Reputation to provide you with high quality services.


Talk Fusion Introduces Try Before You Buy Offer

Talk Fusion is a web video hosting platform that now offers prospects the chance to try out their services free for the first 30 days with no obligation. Prospects don’t even have to put their credit or debit card on file. If they’re not convinced of its value by the end of that first month, they may cancel with no penalty.

As computer technology becomes more powerful and efficient, video becomes the preferred form of content. This is especially true because many people now use mobile phones and tablets that also double not only as cameras, but as video cameras. Therefore, it’s now no trick for people to use their phones, a video camera or the web cam on their laptops to shoot videos for YouTube, Facebook or other platforms. However, videos between friends and families or videos to and from employees, or to and from service professionals or sales people and their clients, do not need to go on public or social sites. They communicate privately through email, so why shouldn’t they be able to send their videos to each other via email?

That’s where Bob Reina, CEO of the company, and Talk Fusion comes into the picture. Years ago, while still serving as a police officer, Reina wanted to send a friend a video via email. AOL told him it couldn’t be done. Reina and a friend of his figured out how to accomplish that. Reina ran with the technology, leaving law enforcement behind and, in 2007, founding Talk Fusion.

Since that time, Talk Fusion has expanded its product line to include not just video email, but also video newsletters, live meetings, sign-up forms and video chat. Their Video Chat service recently won the WebRTC Product of the Year for 2016 Award. Technology Marketing Corporation gives out the Web Real-Time-Communications honors in March. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat platform enables people to use any device — smartphone, computer or tablet — to speak with each other. The app is available from iTunes and Google Play.

Talk Fusion’s free trial service is available in nine languages and 140 countries. Prospects need to put in only their name and an email address.

Alexei Beltyukov and His Commitment to Russian Business and Education

Alexei Beltyukov is the founder of Endemic Capital. He founded this company in 2013. The goal if his company is to target start-up companies in Russia. He is passionate about helping others in Russia develop ventures and go into business. He also wants to seek out those who are interested in going to business school.

Alexei also created a financial company called A-Ventures Ltd. The goal of the company is to help companies in Russia that are financially struggling. His goal is to inject funds into their operations.

He has worked with the Russian Administration to provide reputable economic leadership and support. Much of his impact is done through the Skolkovo Foundation, where he is the vice president. The organization he works for offers grants and investment opportunities for IT businesses who are starting up in Russia. This organization also works with entrepreneurs who have a desire to expand their business across Russia.

Alexei began his career working in the medical industry. He later decided to change careers and pursue a career in business. He earned his MBA from a school called INSEAD Business School.

Also being passionate about education, he created a program called SOLVY in the beginning of 2014. SOLVY is an online system that gives high school students and teachers the opportunity to interact with each other when they are at home. The system also helps teachers check student progress and to find out what information should be taught.

He came up with SOLVY so that he could broaden the aspects of learning in a high school setting. This holds especially true when it comes to solving math problems. One great thing about this program is that students are not given multiple choices when it comes to answering math questions. Instead, they have to show how they solved the problems, step by step. This encourages the students to problem solve and gives them more confidence when solving math problems.

Why ClassDojo Does It Better

ClassDojo is a San Francisco based startup that is committed to providing education tech solutions to schools in the United States and all over the world. The company that was started in 2011 has grown its presence to 2 in 3 schools in the US, from the biggest public schools in the country to charter and private schools. ClassDojo is also available in 180 countries. To date, the company has raised over $31 million in venture funding.
ClassDojo was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary to offer solutions that were not available on the market by then. Other ed tech companies that offer competition include FreshGrade, Kickboard, Nearpod and Remind. The founders pointed out that none of the companies at the time offered a free and easy-to-use app that sought to bring together teachers, parents, and students to form a community.
The communication platform offered by the company includes an app that allows parents to monitor the activities and progress of their children while in school. The app allows teachers to share memorable moments by taking photos and videos of the students engaging in various activities and sending them to parents. The platform helps the students view the classroom positively and thus enjoy the learning process.
ClassDojo seeks to bring teachers and parents closer than they have ever been. It allows for constant communication throughout the day, as opposed to teacher-parent meetings that were held once a semester. Also, at home, the app seeks to help parents in guiding conversations with their children.
Teachers, students and parents from all over the country continue to embrace the app, with the co-founders pointing out that the money raised in a Series B round of funding would be used in increasing the size of the team and developing content and features. These are aimed at making the app more useful to the parents who use the app during the school day and later on at home during the night.
So far, the company has not generated any revenue from the products they offer. In line with this, the company CTO Liam Don clarified that the company would not generate any revenue from the data provided by the users. He stated that the company would explore other avenues of generating income such as providing premium features to those willing to pay for them. The company continues to distribute its app to more users.

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Bold Women Pioneering Fearless Makeup and Self Confidence


When it comes to makeup, everyone has the idea that it’s to hide our flaws and to make us look more appealing to the people around us. Lime Crime Cosmetics has taken this view of makeup and transformed it into a true art. Makeup, through the eyes of Lime Crime, is about the freedom to express who we are, to be fearless in that expression. This view has definitely gathered some fans as Lime Crime has exceeded two million followers on Instagram. Not only has it changed the view, but is a cruelty-free, vegan line of cosmetics. Now, not only can we be aware of what is going in our bodies, but also what is going on our bodies. The company even has real life pictures of customers showing how each product looks on them. This is a huge plus, because nothing is worse than buying makeup online and realizing that it looks nothing like the photo online when it goes on your body. This independent, innovative makeup company, that is based in Los Angeles, California, is a great company for women. Not only does it provide great makeup products, but it helps improve that confidence of many women around the world. It encourages a strong self-esteem that many females out there are lacking.

Lime Crime was founded by it’s CEO, Doe Deere. Doe Deere moved to the United States from Russia when she was 17 years old. Her dream growing up wasn’t to create her own makeup line, but actually to be a musician. And that’s just what she did! She joined a band and become a musician like she wanted to. However, as she was growing up, she was always attracted to those bold colors when it comes to makeup. The colors that she described as being hard to find to the point where she had to create them herself. She realized that many other girls had to do to the same thing.

That is what drove her to create Lime Crime. She created it just for those beautiful, statement colors in makeup. She created it to allow other girls who like the same thing, to be able to get access to those perfect colors. She motivates girls everywhere to not feel bad about the makeup they choose to wear and to actually embrace it, just like she did when she was 13 selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. She is truly an inspiration to every female out there.

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Venezuelan Oppositional Leader Murdered

Venezuela’s political turmoil worsened this week after 53-year-old oppositional leader German Mavare was murdered on Thursday. While walking with a woman down the street, according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez, he was robbed of his cellphone then shot by an unknown assailant. The only thing stolen from him was his cellphone, which is considered suspicious since it was an older model with little street value. It contained nothing besides possible contacts or phone numbers that the assailant could have been looking for, so some like Manuel Gonzalez believe that the assailant was after information on the phone. Because of Mavare’s political position in the UNT party, authorities believe that this was not just an ordinary robbery. There were signs that members of a group known to be violent might have been responsible for the murder, but authorities have stated they are using caution during their investigation to be sure that they have all of the information first.



Charity Efforts From Skout Help Make A Wish Foundation


New Discovery In Social Media

One of the newest applications I have discovered for meeting people online is Skout. I found out about them a couple months ago, and their application has seriously changed my way of meeting people. I feel like my social circle has become bigger by using Skout’s application. They have all kinds of fun and interesting people on their application who are wanting to meet friends, online friends or romantic relationships. There is someone out their for everyone, and that someone might be waiting for you on Skout’s platform. It is 100% free to download Skout. Signing up for Skout is free, and it is free to use their messenger and other services.

Most dating sites out there on the internet are filled with bots, and most of those sites cost money. They are not worth the time you are investing. Skout is different because it is free to use, and the people on Skout are real. The people on Skout are interesting to talk to as well. I have had quite a few people message me from all around the world. I have met people in the neighborhood that I live in from Skout. I have also chatted with quite a few people from other countries. It is nice to hear about their cultures, and I have even considered traveling to their country. The travel feature that Skout launched recently is called Passport, and I highly recommend trying it.

New Survey And Charity Efforts

PR Newswire recently published the results of a survey that Skout conducted about National Superhero Day. The survey results are pretty interesting. The majority of men and women who picked their favorite superhero was actually different, believe it or not. Men went with picking Superman as their favorite superhero of all time. Women ended up picking Batman as their favorite. Also, around 80 percent of people surveyed admit to wanting to be a superhero in real life.

To celebrate and give back to their community, Skout started a charity to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. This charity took place on April 28th, National Superhero Day. The charity involved some innovative practices where the developers added a new superhero themed gift for people to purchase, and the proceeds were sent to the Make A Wish Foundation. Here is the original article referenced earlier from PR Newswire’s website.