The Donation of Charles Koch

Among the wealthy individuals in the United States are the Koch brothers who are dedicated Libertarians who have created a vast network of funds in order to contribute large donations to worthy causes. The Koch brothers are not only most noted for their company called Koch Industries, but they are also most noted for being influential individuals within the political world. The influence that the Koch brothers has been demonstrated during the 2012 presidential campaign. During this campaign, the Koch brothers fully endorsed Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, by donating over $400 million to his campaign. Their goal with politics is to lobby for a free market without tariffs as well as subsidies that only harm the economy.

Charles Koch has built his oil-refining business for decades and has gained a powerful monopoly on the oil-refining business. With not only his success, but also with his determination, Charles Koch has become an influential member in both the business industry as well as in the world of politics. Recently in news, Koch has demonstrated his support for the free market by donating ten million dollars to George Mason University which is most noted for being a libertarian university. This public school has built its reputation on creating a powerhouse in both economics as well as in law. Charles hopes that this generous donation will continue the great work and education that is provided to the students.

George Mason University is a public school that is located just outside of Washington D.C. Between the years of 2011 to present day, this school has also received close to 100 million dollars from billionaire, Charles Koch. George Mason University is the only university that receives this large sum of money at once from the Koch brothers. Though the Koch brothers donate over 20 million dollars to hundreds of universities, no other university receives more than one million dollars on an annual basis. The Koch brothers state that these donations absolutely come without conditions.

In 2014, Charles donated close to 17 million dollars to George Mason University. This made up around one third of the university’s private donations. The majority of the money generally goes to both the Institute for Human Studies and the Mercatus Center. The Mercatus Center is a large think tank that is dedicated to policy making for politicians in Washington D.C. The policies are all free market oriented.

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