OrganoGold Turns Healthy Coffee And Tea Into An Empire

The OrganoGold brand is a coffee and tea empire that is grown in the Philippines with beautiful soil, using organic methods and sold through independent contractors. The company has created a marketing plan that allows regular people to sell at a profit, and the company has come to America from Asia to sell its new energy drinks, teas and coffees. This article explains how OrganoGold has expanded its company with healthy drink alternatives.

#1: The Products Have Always Been Organic

Organic growing has been the hallmark of OrganoGold since its inception, and the growers in the Philippines are using the same techniques that they used when the company began. OrganoGold has been using local growers in the Philippines, and these growers are paid very good rates for their products. The company honors organic farming, and every user is getting a healthier drink.

#2: OrganoGold Has Come To America

Bernardo Chua brought OrganoGold to America to sell under the same plan he used in Asia. The company started a new energy drink brand when it came to America, and the company has been starting new small businesses across the country. Bernardo saw North America as a better breeding ground for expansion, and he has helped his company grow quite a bit since coming over from the Philippines.

#3: The Products Are More Attractive

Bernardo has chosen to play up the fact that the company produces only organic products, and they’re all about health. People who choose to live a healthy lifestyle around the world are gravitating to products that are made organically, and anyone who advocates for organic growing can respect what OrganoGold does. This brilliance of the way OrganoGold works is that the company was ahead of its time. Organic growing is now the most popular way to grow, and OrganoGold did it before everyone else in the industry.

#4: The Products Are Reasonable

The products are priced in a way that is fair to all customers. The growers are paid well for their beans and leaves, but the customer is not seeing a major markup. Customers may purchase from OrganoGold for a small amount of money, and everyone has a healthy coffee or tea to drink.

OrganoGold pioneered organic growing in the coffee and tea industries, and the company has helped create a network of millions of sellers who are allowed to sell at a profit. OrganoGold is helping people start their own businesses, drink better coffee or tea and live healthy lifestyles. Bernie can be found on both Facebook and Twitter, to follow the CEO and where he takes OrganoGold next.

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