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Adam Sender Gravitates To Exceptional Art

A Gift
Adam Sender does indeed have a gift like no other. It is a gift that includes an exceptional eye for those artists who are on the brink of reaching their artistic potential. Mr. Sender has shown his gift to the world by making exceptional art choices. He has continued to display his knack for art for decades. He has a collection that clearly is intelligent and it shows off his ability to know art on an intimate level. He offers a collection of art that is highly engaging. His collection of art is rich with talent and meaning. Adam has a grand collection of contemporary art.

A Collection to be Proud Of
Adam Sender can off his collection for the world to see. He has a collection of art that he ought to be completely proud of. His eye for superior art is indeed impressive. This is not a common nor ordinary collection. It is very clear that Adam Sender not only has an extraordinary gift when it comes to art collecting, it also appears to be a passion. He truly does love art and he has a collection to be proud of.

The Start of his Collecting
Adam Sender had started collecting art in the 90s. He has continued to master his skill and most definitely picks the right artists who tend to hit it big within the world of art. He has a unique style of collecting the finest art. He has definitely impacted the art collecting industry. Many have claimed that the valuable art is older art. Adam holds the belief that the artist who is in touch their creative passion ought to be valued now. The artist who is alive and producing magnificent art deserves recognition now.

Showing off Beautiful Art
Mr. Sender enjoys sharing his large and beautiful art collection with the world. Adam offers the world an opportunity to see his exceptional art collection. This is through Sotheby’s auction. The time to enjoy the beautiful works of an artist is now. Adam Sender has been gravitating to exceptional art for quite some time.

4 Great Purina Beneful Products To Buy For Dogs

It’s important to pick the very best food for dog’s. The food that is given to them should be nutritious and packed with quality ingredients. Purina Beneful offers individuals healthy dog food to feed their pets without having to spend a lot of money. Here are some products they make and some information about each dog food product and treat.

One product that Purina Beneful makes is Healthy Smile Large Ridges dental bones. These treats are great for large dogs. They have calcium added to them to help support strong teeth. They also help to remove tarter buildup on dog’s teeth. They reduce plaque that has built up on dog’s teeth throughout the years. These treats have a crunchy outside and a soft middle filled with meat and parsley. This product on has quality ingredients added such as rice, wheat flour, chicken, parsley, and pork.

An amazing dog food that Purina Beneful on amazon makes is Healthy Fiesta dry dog food. This food is made with real chicken. It has rice in it that helps keep dog’s energy levels high. It has avocado in it that keeps dog’s coats shiny and keeps their immune systems healthy. It has real vegetables in it such as tomato and carrots. It also has antioxidants that keep dogs healthy and supports dog’s vision.

Purina Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists are a great treat to feed dogs. These twists are made with a great peanut butter flavor that dogs love. They help freshen dog’s breath. They also reduce tarter and plaque buildup on their teeth. These twists have peanut butter on one part and parsley on the other making for a great flavor combination for any dog. These are made with great ingredients such as chicken, rice, parsley, and peanut butter.

Purina makes some really high quality wet dog foods. One product that is amazing is Mediterranean Style Medley wet dog food. This food is packed with high quality ingredients. It has lamb, brown rice, tomatoes, and spinach in this product. This food is great to feed dog’s by itself or it can be mixed with Purina’s dry dog food. This food is high in healthy protein because its made with real lamb, liver, and chicken.

Purina makes so many amazing products for dogs to eat. These products are very nutritious. Individuals should look for the Purina Beneful brand when they want to feed their dogs the very best.

Facebook and the Serious Problem of Reputation Disasters

Facebook has really revolutionized the way people communicate. Simply by creating a profile on the social media network, staying in touch on both a personal and professional basis is possible. Of course, there does come a point when a little prudence is necessary when investing time on Facebook. Specifically, there needs to be a “work-Facebook balance”.

Probably the sagest bit of advice would be to curtail visits and interactions on Facebook during work time. An employer is not exactly going to be thrilled with constant visits to Facebook on the company clock. Self-employed persons shouldn’t think that they have free reign to use Facebook whenever they wish. Doing so cuts down on productivity immensely.

What someone posts on Facebook could prove very damaging. Saying negative things about anyone runs the risk of alienating an audience. Customers and possible business associates are not drawn to snide, rude, negative, and opinionated persons.

Darius Fisher, the president of the reputation management firm Status Labs, notes it is best to not make any controversial or political comments. Doing either is a great way to turn people off. Friends are lost and so are customers. Why even bother wading into an avoidable controversy? Status Labs works hard to help clients all over the world fix reputation disasters. Yes, some of those disasters are of people’s own making.

Why do people sometimes get themselves into hot water? For one, they do not realize the impact their comments may have. The other reason is they think their comments just go away. On the internet, nothing just goes away.

Facebook posts might have a very long life. Even when the privacy settings have been maximized, the posts could end up in newsfeeds and indexed by the search engines. Once this occurs, no control exists over who sees the content.

Status Labs has helped 1,500+ clients in 35+ countries deal with reputation woes. The Austin, TX-based company can even work at fixing social media troubles. Anyone whose Facebook activity has led to major controversies may wish to contact someone at the company.

Factors that Make QNet Successful in the Direct Selling Industry

The success of a corporation is usually anchored on a prudent management and strategic plans put in place by the management team. QNet is one company that has managed to register immense success through the set guidelines and philosophies initiated by founders of the corporation. The direct selling institution offers differentiated products in various markets of the globe.

QNet has an excellent eCommerce platform that enhances border less opportunities to more than 100 countries. The company has managed to stay afloat the competitive market because of its grass-root model of doing business. The enterprise believes in working with the ordinary people from different backgrounds. QNet has been encouraging individuals to commence business with less capital. Hard work and dedication have been termed as the successful factors that have lead to the market dominance of QNet in the direct selling business. The company works with independent representatives who have been able to lead a meaningful life owing to the excellent pay packages they receive from QNet.

One of the philosophies that have been able to ground QNet as a successful venture is its ability to empower other people besides having a dedicated workforce. Cultural diversity and ethnicity are celebrated at the entity as employees from different background play a crucial role in enhancing cohesion and improving rapport between themselves. Over the years, the corporation has been offering a range of lifestyle products to its retail consumers with the view to augmenting their livelihoods. Through the company’s diversity, distributors are allowed the unique opportunity to make their own product mix with the view to meeting and satisfying the utility of the market and organization at large.

In order to enhance its product offing, QNet works with top researchers, suppliers, product developers as well as experts in marketing and scientists. Through working with different market experts, QNet is able to identify and comprehend people’s wants. To this end, QNet is able to utilize its independent and stern in house standards in order to manufacture a variety of consumer-oriented products.

QNet’s quality control allows all its products to have life enhancing elements. The products are innovative, unique and are designed exclusively for QNet’s consumers.

It is imperative to note that QNet has an eStore, which a supermarket that sells everyday items. The store is considered a survival kit of various nutritional supplements and products that enhance the well being of consumers. Further, the supermarket stores high-end watches and jewelry besides acting as a travel agent and a communication solutions shop. The works and life of Gandhi inspire the company. The corporation has engaged in different corporate social responsibilities. QNet has set plans to establish its production facility in India. The production facility will serve to reduce the operational costs related to manufacturing the company’s products.

On-Demand Housekeeping Service Handy Raises $50 Million

In the wake of a company valuation of $500 million, on-demand housekeeping service “Handy” recently announced that it has raised $50 million in new funding that will be used towards growing the business even further

Handy, originally Handybook, is a service that was founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Ignacio Leonhardt, and Weina Scott. It is a quick, reliable and easy way to book household service providers. Within just a few minutes clients are able to book a housecleaner or a handyman at a time that is most convenient for them. Everyone on the Handy list has been pre-approved.

As of June 2015 the Handy had completed 1 million bookings on its platform. The company now consistently books 100,000 jobs per month on average and has hundreds of thousands of customers and a database of 10,000 professionals now registered with them.

According to Oisin Hanrahan, the plan is to take the $50 million that was raised and invest it into the 28 markets that are already active. This includes major cities all over the United States, as well as a few international markets like London. By the end of 2016 the rest of the money will go into opening new markets in other countries and opening to other cities in the United States.

“We want to deliver a better customer experience, and a better experience for the pros on our platform,” he told TechCrunch. It will also be about expanding beyond cleaning services, which today represent about 80% of the jobs on Handy. “We want to deliver every service to every home.”

Most everyone understood Handy was gaining a lot of traction and becoming popular, but no one thought the valuation would come in at what it did. This is a perfect time to inject all of that money raised into boosting current markets and opening new ones.

Find out more about Handy and what they offer by visiting them here.

The Success of Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is not only one of the finest attorneys in the United States but is also one of the few attorneys that truly cares about the compensation of his clients. Dan Newlin started in career as a public servant when he was only 18 years old. At the age of 18, Newlin became an EMT (emergency medical technician). Within only 6 months of being an EMT, Newlin was in the back of an ambulance delivering a baby into the world. Being an EMT is what later inspired Newlin to become a police officer. At the young age of 20, Newlin was accepted to be apart of the New Chicago Police Force, located in Indiana. Newlin loved his job as a police officer and was even offered a job at the Sheriff’s office in Orange County, Florida.

Once Dan Newlin became apart of the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Florida, he worked so many important details. One of his best memories was at that office. Newlin worked many police details that included narcotics enforcement, auto theft details, as well the fugitive division. While working on the fugitive’s division, Newlin recovered hundreds of dangerous fugitives. Newlin spent 10 years on the force in Orange County and was even honored with the high ranking of sheriff’s detective. He was recognized with several awards and honors that Newlin still is extremely proud of to this day.

What changed Newlin’s career path was one incident in particular. After working several years under the force, Newlin found himself in the emergency room, interviewing a victim. the victim was a young woman who was hit by a reckless driver while driving the car. The woman, though unharmed, had lost her unborn child. When Dan Newlin checked how much she was going to be compensated, he found that the insurance company had no plan of providing compensation. All the insurance company did was check the victim’s car to make sure that the woman was not responsible for the accident.

After that incident, Newlin wanted to help those who have not been compensated from a workplace injury. Newlin even began taking night classes and graduated school with a Degree in Business Management. From there, Newlin entered law school to finally graduate in 2000. By 2001, Newlin was a licensed attorney who had started his own practice with the intention of compensating his clients. 14 years later has only made Dan Newlin and his two firms more successful than ever. Newlin and his experienced team have recovered in millions of dollars worth of compensation for those who have been slandered by the insurance companies. Dan Newlin specializes in workplace injuries or wrongful accidents so that those like the victim he spoke to, will always receive compensation.

Supporting Earth Force, Jon Urbana Leads the Way

There are many ways to spend what time you may have to help build a strong community mindful of its environment. However, one man has went above and beyond in the fight to create a clean environment and strong community through his actions and leadership. Jon Urbana, once a defensive lacrosse star for the Villanova team, is an advocate of Earth Force Inc. with whom he helps in creating an environmentally-conscious community that employs problem-solving processes to resolve issues locally.

Jon Urbana, currently a co-founder of a lacrosse sports camp and champion for local charities, has utilized the power of technology and his Twitter voice to shed light on Earth Force Inc. and its mission. Many athletes before him have used their skill sets to create success for themselves, in and out of sports. Urbana, like any driven competitor, raises awareness for his cause through Instagram social networking and participating in raising awareness for environmental concerns through videos like one he just released earlier this week:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

In addition to striving for a clean and sustainable environment, Earth Force Inc. couldn’t have found a more positive and qualified representative for its vision. Urbana is no stranger to local charities and organizations that provide aid to the environment and local communities. As a wealth of experience and leadership, Jon Urbana is a great fit for Earth Force Inc. and its vision.

Furthermore, the charity that Urbana is blogging about involves itself with providing today’s youth with the knowledge and tools necessary to solve environmental problems within the local area and community. As an international non-profit organization, Earth Force Inc. aims to develop a environmentally resilient community that enables its populace to exercise its ability to solve problems.

In the end, Jon Urbana’s mission is to build on his track record as an airplane operator to promote a clean and strong community through Earth Force Inc. is admirable and with a few keyboard strokes and his website, anyone can assist them in reaching their goals even in the comfort of their own home. Through monetary donations, those with access to the internet and a web-browser can visit their GoFundMe page at and contribute to their efforts in creating a proactive and sustainable community!

An Insider’s View Of North Korea

Many people have heard about North Korea on the evening news and know of it’s leader, Kim Jong-Un. However, a lot of people do not know the true plight of North Korea’s citizens. However, Yeomni Park knows first hand what life in North Korea is like. She is one of a lucky few who was able to escape the dictatorship, and make it to freedom. Yeomni Park grew up in the city of Hyesan, North Korea. This city is located on North Korea’s border with China. She was able to literally look across a river to the “outside”. However, she knew very little of what life was like outside of the isolated nation. The media was censored, and she had no exposure to much of anything from outside the country. Her father began trading goods from North Korea into China. However, this was illegal. After four years of this, he was caught. When he was, he got sentenced to a North Korean labor camp. While he was serving time, Yeomni Park watched a film that showed her how North Koreans have it worse than much of the world. This film according to NK News was banned in North Korea, as it was made in Hollywood. Her father was ultimately freed from the camp, and the family bravely planned to escape from North Korea. In North Korea, enough people defect from the country that there is an illegal business of sneaking people out of the country. Yeomni and her family got a ride across the border with those who involved in the risky business of sneaking people out of the country. They did successfully make it into China. They lived stealthily within the country for two years, as it is illegal for North Koreans to be in China. While they were there, Yeomni’s father developed cancer and passed away. However, Yemomni and her mother still managed to get out of China. They attempted to sneak out through Mongolia. However, this went a bit differently than planned. In Mongolia, they were detained for a matter of months. They were ultimately released. When they were released from the detention facility in Mongolia’s capital, they were able to get to South Korea. Yeomni still lives in this country, and she was able to get citizenship in South Korea. Yeomni Park resides in Seoul, South Korea. She is a student at a local university, and Yeomni Park has done a lot to spread the word on BBC about the truth of life in North Korea. She has told her story numerous times. She spoke at a summit, and the video of the speech has been viewed throughout the world. She feels that her and other defectors spreading the word of what goes on inside North Korea is very important, and it could result in changes within the oppressive nation. Yeomni Park’s story is an incredible one. Her story has been heard by millions of people around the world. Hopefully, her dreams for a North Korea with more freedom for it’s citizens will come true one day. Maybe one day North Koreans will be able to live without government oppression.

Brian Bonar Encourages Wholeness Among Many Companies

The future of Dalrada Financial depends on highly skilled executiveslike Brian Bonar to manage the company’s internal and externaloperations. Known for establishing significant relationships with his
clients and in the community, this renowned entrepreneur hopes to
inspire his extremely knowledgeable employees with his efficient
business practices. Essentially, under his strategic leadership, his
company has assisted thousands of corporations from a variety of
industries achieve a more productive bottom line. In fact, his
effective operational solutions have guided clients in reducing the
cost of manufacturing to ultimately improve services while
simultaneously maximizing resources. Remarkably, his extensive
portfolio of management experiences has greatly contributed to his
recognition as one of America’s most powerful businessmen.

In the mid to late 1980s, Bonar embarked on his professional endeavorsby accepting a leadership position at QMS, Inc. During his employment
at this renowned company, he was promoted to Executive Director of
Engineering from 1984 to 1988. Following his career at QMS, Inc, Bonar
has maintained many prominent titles at Adaptec, Inc., Bezier Systems,
Inc, Rastek Corporation, and IBM, U.K. Ltd until finally accepting a
management position at Dalrada Financial in 1994. Throughout his
career at Dalrada Financial, he has served as Executive Vice
President, Director of Technology Sales, Vice President of Sales and
Marketing, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman of the Board, and
President. Most prominently, in 1998, he was elected as the company’s
Chief Executive Officer.

Bonar’s professional experiences at multiple companies providedhim the necessary business skills to propel Dalrada Financial. During
the course of his management, this strategic executive sought to offer
effective programs to assist start-ups and emerging companies as well
as mergers and acquisitions. Essentially, his main goal was to
implement simple, safe, and cost-effective plans to improve a
company’s productivity and profitability. Some of the company’s
noteworthy programs involve tax strategy solutions, payroll advance
assistance, worker’s compensation, retirement plans, health insurance,
business liability, staffing, and human resource administration.
Moreover, Bonar understood the importance of their highly customizable
services as the solutions would ultimately positively impact a
corporation’s bottom line. Commendably, his proprietary operational
efficiency offerings enabled him to establish meaningful relations
with all of his clients.

In 2015, Dalrada Financial announced their decisionto revamp their website to entice more clients. The company’s
team of website designers will incorporate state of the art financial
tools such as recent business news in the form of blogs and
newsletters. The experts will implement these business assistance
guides on the homepage.

Dalrada Financial proudly presents solid products that promote capital
and protection to their client’s companies. The mission of the company
is to encourage wholeness among the owner, executives, and staff.