Susan McGalla, There Is No More “Boys-Club”

In today’s time we see a tremendous surge of smart, talented, and confident women taking reins of large companies; being offered positions that twenty-years ago would have surely gone to men.

One of these women worth honorable mention for her achievements, is the ever successful, ever smart, Businesswoman and Executive Consultant- Susan McGalla of Pittsburgh PA.

From humble beginnings in East Liverpool Ohio, a daughter of a football coach, Susan McGalla attributes much of her success to her upbringing. Susan, a sister, to two brothers, was shown and taught the value of her ideas, and learned to speak with confidence from a young age. Susan has been quoted to say that gender never played a role in her upbringing, and that she was treated the same as her brothers.

Susan McGalla according to is a graduate from Mount Union College, where she obtained a bachelors degree in Business and Marketing in 1986. From beginnings working at the Joseph Horne Company in 1986, she then advanced her career to American Eagle Outfitters, where through hard-work, dedication, and innovative ideas, found herself as President, and CMO of the large, clothing and fashion retailer. Other honorable mentions through-out her career include CEO of Wet Seal Inc., Board Member of HFF Inc, Director of Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Trustee of the University of Pittsburgh, and the Magee Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

Susan’s journey now currently brings her to P3 Executive Consulting LLC, based out of Pittsburgh, PA a company founded and run by Susan McGalla herself. Launched in September of 2013, Susan has spent the last two years providing expert consulting services to Financial and Wall Street Sectors; with heavy focus on Marketing, Branding, Talent Management, Operational Management, and P&L Efficiency. Keeping to her retail, and fashion “roots” and experiences; Susan offers expert financial, and business advice to big players in the retail industry.

Speaking of “players” Susan McGalla also holds the title of Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the successful, and wildly popular NFL team The Pittsburgh Steelers. Proving once again, that even football- with its ever prominent foundation of all that is masculine, is moving forward in times, and not only making way, but eagerly welcoming women to join their “boys-club”; women boasting as much hard-work, talent, and innovation as Susan McGalla.

Truly an inspiring woman, for those women wanting to break into the business world. Susan proves time and time again, that gender is no longer a key component in the Board Room.

Possibly one of the most impressive things about Susan, is her ability to not capitalize on the fact that she is a woman. While she is of course, proud and willing to offer advice to other women, Susan remains focused on the fact that she is a professional, not focusing on gender.

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