Slyce Ups the Power of Internet Shopping

Slyce is taking business-to-customer relationships to all new levels of mobility. Through the utilization of advanced visual search on and recognition tech currently available with desktop and smartphone apps, Slyce will allow users to identify and purchase items simply by capturing the product in a picture.

This is exciting news for both retailers and customers. Retailers will be able to convert at the customer’s precise point of interest. This is regardless of whether the customer sees a product they want to buy while walking down the street or coming across images on Facebook or other sharing sites. On-the-go customers will love the convenience and time saved as Slyce both strengthens and streamlines their purchasing power.

This platform was borne out of the company looking for new and exciting ways for customers to purchase. In a world of mobility, this was not an easy task. Erika Racicot, Slyce co-founder and COO, says, that like most great ideas, the application was born out of a question: “What if we could enable people to find and instantly buy the things they love simply through images, and what if we could take retailers to that holy grail of engaging with people at the exact moment they are inspired to buy?”

With Slyce, the company continues to build their relationship with consumer brands who will be able to integrate the app into existing retailer technology. Well aware of the power of impulse buying, retailers see the immense advantage of the Slyce app. By simply taking a picture, customers have the ability to purchase products they discover and fall in love with on the spot, enhancing retailers’ ability to embrace the point of discovery and fulfill customer needs instantly. Not surprisingly, it is a proposition both attractive and compelling.

Slyce will give customers power that can visually search in all three dimensions. This means a complete scanning solution. The app will allow customers to be able to scan QR, coupons and barcodes. It will have the functionality to return 1:1 matches from images captured on billboards and printed materials. Lastly, Slyce has the capacity to take real world images and analyze them based upon user-inputted information and returning similar, if not the same, products.

“Right now, retailers are having to rapidly adapt to the changing ways consumers are choosing to shop,” says Mark Elfenbein, Slyce’s Chief Digital Officer, and former President and CEO at Oculus. “Visual product search literally puts the retailer wherever their customer is when they become inspired to buy a product, making the entire physical world a showroom.”

Smartphones and a range of apps have certainly made shopping easier, but Slyce promises to have a significant impact on how customers buy in an intuitive and seamless manner.

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