Make the Most of Your Wikipedia Editing

Wikipedia was founded over a decade ago as an open source information hub. The website grew in both size and respectability until it stands as the monolithic compendium of information that it is today. With over 4 million pages of data and thousands of registered users all regularly contributing, Wikipedia could be considered one of the most important websites on the internet. However, this open source encyclopedia is nothing without its volunteer workers and for those that are interested these tips will behoove you.

Registration and Your First Day
Many people don’t realize that there is an entire world of social interaction underneath the surface of Wikipedia page creation. For the casual browser, Wikipedia has always been just a resource for information. However, for those that decide to register and become an editor there is much more beneath the surface. Upon registering, which is free, users will be guided to a landing page where they can learn the ins and outs of Wikipedia. Wikipedia, despite its casual relationship with free registration, is a strictly regimented website that relies on users to provide constant professional updates. Users who register should spend their first day focusing solely on getting used to the different editing pages and how they function.

The Wikipedia Manual of Style
Once a user is familiarized with how the website operates it will be time to learn how to actually edit. Editing requires an advanced knowledge of the different rules that Wikipedia requires to be followed. Browsers will notice that all content on Wikipedia is written in an almost clinical fashion, devoid of personality and bias while being completely focused on the information at hand. Getting this sort of congruent updates across the website is difficult unless each user commits to learning the rules. These rules can be found in a document called the Wikipedia Manual of Style. The Manual of Style, or MoS, shows users how to format, edit, and write out their content. They’ll learn about the notability guidelines, the neutral point of view, and even how to properly cite a website in the citations section of an article.

Get Your Wiki
Many people register onto Wikipedia in order to learn how to edit with the hopes of adding their own personal page to the database. This is against several different rules in the MoS. So for users who want a personal page added to the Wikipedia, they’d be better served looking at a service like Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is a professional Wikipedia page adding service that gets pages onto Wikipedia that follow all of the guidelines that the site demands.

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