Doe Deere and Innovator in the Beauty Industry

Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime makeup on ideamensch, which has become the latest craze. Recently a contestant on the hit competition show ‘The Voice’ was seen wearing Lime Crime on the show. Deere is a unique individual that is changing the game when it comes to beauty products. Doe isn’t just interested in helping you cover up your imperfections, she wants you to be able to express your personality in a creative way. Doe Deere was born in Russia but grew up in New York City. She grew up reading fairytale books with whimsical illustrations. Doe believes this is where her inspiration for these types of colors came from. Her company is based in Los Angeles which is now where she lives with her husband, and was established in 2008. She has been with her husband for 16 years when they started out in a rock band together. Her husband now serves as the President of the company. Doe came up with the name Lime Crime simply because lime is her favorite color. If you don’t live in or can’t make it to L.A. that’s ok. Their sole focus is on e-commerce and you can purchase her products through her web site. Doe has become so successful on Instagram by showing women modeling her lipsticks and makeup. She feels that if you show the lipstick on a real woman’s lips instead of a swatch you get a more realistic result. Doe has dubbed herself the ‘unicorn queen.’ You will find nothing in her makeup line but vibrant colors that are cruelty-free of course. The pigments are intense and anything but natural. What has made her business so successful is the fact that unusual colors in makeup were hard to come by. Inspiration sometimes takes weeks or months for Doe. She believes in trusting your gut. Doe won’t go into a new project without having a great feeling about it. Doe is also a great person to work for. She believes in treating employees with love and respect. She strives to drive people with positive reinforcement. She insists that she always tries the products out on herself first before anything goes into production. She loves to help inspire women entrepreneurs to achieve their own success. She once gave a speech at PHAMexpo called “Don’t Quit Your Daydream.” Deere also donates regularly to an animal rescue organization called Bide-A-Wee. This is a no kill animal shelter in New York City. Doe has three cats herself, two which are rescues.

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