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Freedom Pop Holding Its Own Against Wireless Giants

Freedom Pop is a Los Angeles-based wireless and data service that was created in 2011. Freedom Pop’s platform is providing free data, mobile and voice services and you can also bring your own Sprint device. The basic program offers customers 500 text monthly text messages, 200 voice minutes and 500 MB of data. If a customer goes over the basic plan allotment, they can choose from a number of package.

Freedom Pop is considered a “light” phone plan. This means individuals who don’t need or want too many additions or talk on the phone as much as some. That being said, Freedom Pop makes the bulk of its money from customers who purchase the additional packages. Some who go over their allotment are charged if they don’t purchase more coverage.

Freedom Pop is designed to save customers money. But the packages are actually making the company a great deal of money. While some customers are satisfied with the basic plan and make no other purchases, others will buy more voice minutes, data plans and texts. Compared to other larger companies like Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, who take in about $45 bucks a month per plan, Freedom Pop only nets around $7. But it works because its pure profit.

Many people are dropping their wireless plans an joining up with Freedom Pop. A lot of people get tired of the hidden costs and charges associated with larger companies; some of the services simply aren’t needed. A few months after Freedom Pop CEO Stephen Sokols was brought online, a number of more established companies were interested.

Sprint, as well as several other companies are interested in acquiring Freedom Pop. Many bids were thrown into the ring, but the company decided to stand pat. After looking over its financials, the company believes it can do even better.

Avoiding Common Wikipedia Editing Mistakes

Wikipedia is one of the most important websites to ever go up on the internet. In fact, Wikipedia is probably one of the most important accomplishments of teamwork based information sharing. The website has become home to a compendium of knowledge that cannot be compared to anything else on the planet. No written word or printed book will ever be as up to date and tacitly informational as Wikipedia is. In order to stay this strongly ahead of the pack the encyclopedia needs the help of as many volunteer editors as possible. Though the workforce is all doing their job pro-bono, it doesn’t mean that expectations are any more slack.

Common Mistakes for Wikipedia Writers on
Wikipedia editors are required to follow a rigid set of rules as laid out in the Wikipedia Manual of Style. The Manual of Style, or MoS, sets the standard for what Wikipedia expects out of its almost countless amount of contributors. From grammar rules to formatting instructions, the MoS is exhaustive and reaches every corner of the editing world. Users are understandably going to have a hard time following every rule or making it through the gigantic document so we decided to point out a few of the most common mistakes for Wikipedia editors.

The Neutral Point of View.
The most common mistake of most newer editors is that they forget they are working on Wikipedia and begin to use their own normal writing voice. This causes their article work to become biased and unusable in the encyclopedia. Wikipedia demands a Neutral Point of View be used at all time. This allows the content to speak for itself without caving to any sorts of biases. The NPOV also stops viewers from making judgement calls about the content due to the way that it is written.

Lack of proper citations.
Wikipedia flourishes because its content is both correct and verified by other unbiased sources. When an editor can’t find appropriate citations, as laid out in the MoS, the articles suffer and all of the content is called into question. Readers use these sources to further their reading and when they are lackluster it makes the entire article lose steam. Proper citations should have longevity, be from reputable locations, and should not be prone to intrinsic biases. A good, proper source, could be considered something from a .gov or a .edu as it will likely be vetted information.

Talent Management : New Talent and Old

Talent Management in Corporate Environments

The corporate business world of today has a steady influx of savvy professionals of all ages. Some of these people are well qualified. They’re motivated to help their business grow in ways that no one else could imagine. The ingenuity new talent has can be out of this world. The creative capacity of some unique individuals brings new levels of confidence to the corporation in which they are joining. With this confidence the company or corporation grows. It is almost necessary in today’s world for newer talent to be introduced to companies. Veteran team members may have built the company to where it resides, but they were once new as well. The balance of bringing in new talent while keeping veteran team members satisfied is a never ending struggle that will persist as long as corporate agendas remain focused on monetary gains. It is the job of fantastic Human Resource employees and talent managers to help maintain this balance if the company is to survive.

Talent managers have vital roles within a company to assist in maintaining the satisfaction of veteran members while introducing fresh talent into the stream of ideas. The ideas from new creative individuals are a life force for many conpanies. Without these ideas a company would die, much like a plant shrivels without fresh water. The stream of new ideas can bring light to issues that plague companies. Bringing in new consultants, team members and other employees will make the talent pool within the company feel more diverse. With a more diverse talent pool ideas will surely cover a large scope. Mostly every company finds numerous benefits from bringing in new talent. Managing these individuals once they land within a department is crucial to maintaining the long term success of the company.

Having A Trusted Voice Within Your Company

There’s nothing more valuable to the long term success of a company than having solid management teams in place. Management teams that know the difference between successful individuals and others are what gives a company the resilience it needs to survive any economic conditions. Susan McGalla is a woman who has reached all levels of corporate business structures with her breath and influence. She started at American Eagle, working in merchandising, and she left after residing as president of the company and helping open other branches. Within the company and since she has left, Susan has had a wide degree of talent management skills attributed to her roles. She is now the Director of Strategic Growth and Planning with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Without good talent managers to help motivate and maintain the flows of energy within a company, our corporate business worlds would remain stagnant and fall apart. Things naturally evolve. However, it is helpful to have someone there to help them along. Talent managers are aware of the goals of the company. They must be. They bring together individuals who share those goals