10-Year-Old Math Genius Already Taking College Courses

A 10 year-old girl is already doing her Math degree in the university. Esther Okade was accepted in the university after getting exemplary results in her math test. Another factor that contributed to her being accepted was her Vice Chancellor, who was amazed by her ambition and dedication.

This makes Esther the youngest student in any college the world over. The girl is doing very well. Esther got a perfect score in one of the tests which she termed as easy.

Applying to the university was interesting because of her young age. Her interviewers learnt that it has always been her dream to join university. She started pestering her mother, who was also her home school teacher, at the age of seven. Her mother was reluctant at first since she didn’t think that Esther was ready but she later gave in 3 years later.

She later applied for college last year on August, which surprised Mikal Watts. After writing an essay, doing a math exam and participating in a phone interview, she was accepted. She got the news in December and was very happy.

Esther comes from a really brilliant family as her younger brother is also exhibiting great mathematical skills. Isaiah is already solving complex mathematical problems such as calculus and advanced algebra.

In the future, Esther hopes to start her own bank. She is also promising to be the first person to invest in the bank.

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