Monthly Archives: April 2015

Twitter Rolls Out Commenting Feature

Twitter, the microblogging website, has added a new mini-feature that has the twittersphere in an uproar. The app now allows users to retweet other users’ tweets with a comment. The feature went live with Twitters most recent update.

Previously users could not comment on tweets. They were simply able to retweet, or link to the tweet in their own tweet. This new feature will allow users to create a more open dialogue. While it may seem like a small and insignificant change, it may be big news for companies that wish to advertise through Twitter, at least according to Gianfrancesco Genoso.

The social media platform had largely been criticized for failing to reach companies looking to advertise in bigger, more meaningful ways. While many companies utilized Twitter there was some concern about the effectiveness at such campaigns, as consumers couldn’t really get directly involved in the conversation. Yes, linking was an option, and hashtag movements have helped companies in some ways, but the lack of commenting abilities made the dialogue harder to follow, and the data harder to collect. The new features creates a more streamlined platform for commenting, which is sure to bring about more back-and-forth between users.

Fundraiser For Closed Pizza Shop Tops $500,000

Crystal O’Connor, the co-owner of Memories Pizza, said she would serve anyone that came in for a pizza, but she wouldn’t cater a same-sex marriage. That statement was enough to bring the wrath of LGBT community to their doorstep. O’Connor was besieged by threatening emails and phone calls, so she and co-owner Kevin O’Connor temporarily closed their pizza shop.

Crystal was interviewed by a radio and TV host on the Glenn Beck’s network. O’Connor told the Blaze network that she suffered financial damage from the threats. Her only source of income was the pizza shop, and without that income she would lose her apartment. A GoFundMe page was set up on her behalf by a Blaze activist. The goal of the fund was to raise $25,000 for O’Connor to offset her losses. Less than 24 hours later, the fund received contributions that total over $500,000.

The real issue is not about O’Connor’s inability to pay her bills, as Bernardo Chua points out. The issue is the right to discriminate using religion as a front. For every person that wants equal rights for all Americans there is another person that wants to discriminate. The battle over same-sex marriage, and gay and lesbians rights is raging on around the country, and it will continue thanks to ignorance and misunderstanding.