Instagram Continues to Block More and More

Instagram, which Sam Tabar reminded me is owned by Facebook, allows users to tag content with hashtags and certain lines of text. It can hashtag far more than with Twitter as there is no character limit and a user can include a tag up to 30 times inside of a single message. However, there is one thing Instagram doesn’t like on its page and its nudity. Anything the social media imaging service believes is connected with nudity in any shape or form and it is going to block the content and pull it from the service. This, apparently, also means using an eggplant as a hashtag.

Recently, Instagram announced it would allow users to tag emojis as well. This way, someone to hashtag a smiley face and it would connect with other faces on the social media service. There are dozens of different emojis that come preinstalled with the service and on an individuals phone, one of which is a turned up eggplant. For anyone who really wants to make a connection, it is somewhat possible to see a vague correlation between the eggplant and male reproductive organs. However, Instagram decide to mark this eggplant emoji, a vegetable, as “offensive” and it has since started to remove all images that come with this hashtag. So, for anyone who is preparing eggplant parmesan and wants to share a picture, they are better off not tagging the eggplant icon. Otherwise it will be flagged as inappropriate.

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