North American Spine: Leading Spine Care Company

North American Spine has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. North American Spine is the leader when it comes to spine care. They offer non-operative as well as operative treatment to patients who have neck conditions, spine conditions, spinal stenosis and herniated discs. The company has celebrated 6 years since it started providing accurascope procedure. This is a process that is meant for the spine.

The company has been able to provide over 8,000 procedures by physicians who are certified when it comes to performing such procedures. The treatments offered by this company provide patients with lasting relief. Their accurascope procedure is an alternative for those who have back and neck pain. This company is an expert in neurosurgery, orthopedic, spine surgery and interventional pain management. They have state of the art equipment such as the high definition camera. They offer their outpatient procedures in 45 minutes.

The doctors who work at North American Spine give their patients the information that they require to make a decision. They encourage their patients go for conservative therapies such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections and pain medications before they opt for surgical procedure. The doctors who perform back pain surgeries have the necessary experience in that industry. Some of the people who have had success with their spinal care are Larry Gatlin, a songwriter and music singer. Gatlin had a chronic pain in the leg for 47 years. Now, Gatlin has been relieved of the pain that he felt for all those years.

There are a number of patients who have benefited from the accurascope procedure. One such patient is a resident of Arkansas and went through the process from North American Spine. This patient received the procedure free of charge as he was recommended by Shelby White who was his coordinator. The method is usually meant for treating sciatica, herniated discs, arthritis, scar tissue, annular tears and bulging discs among other conditions.

The methods do not take a long time. One process can take about 30 minutes. There are cameras that are of high definition. This camera is the small and is the size of a coffee stir. The camera can detect where the pain has occurred. Once the procedure is done, it will be bandaged and stitched. The patients who undergo the accurascope procedure get relief from the pain within a few days and can return to work.

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