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Iggy Azalea Says Goodbye to Social Media

Iggy Azalea is no stranger to the press. Good or bad, Iggy seems to be everywhere now days. She has recently hit a hard road in her life and took a lot of scrutiny for being “unauthentic”. An underground rapper by the name of Azalea Banks recently bashed her on social media and interviews because she is a white rapper. Then these spun out of control and she was accused of “acting black” yet not standing up for “black issues”, such as Ferguson and other protests across the country. The hatred towards Iggy Azalea is hardly new from what users have said, and Brian Torchin echoes that point.

Iggy Azalea has been the subject of a lot of drama in the rap world because of her quick success and instant jump into mainstream music. When she tried to fight back with tweets, the 140 characters didn’t seem to sit well with the crowd. Iggy feels like she can’t even defend herself without getting attacked by gossip blogs and cyberbullied by people across the world. Iggy Azalea decided to remove herself from social media. This is a both a personal and business move for Azalea. Her management has taken over her twitter account and will only post relevant information about dates and events for Iggy’s fans. Iggy Azalea announced she is working on her second studio album and she needs to be at peace during this time because it is crucial to her creative process.

Parody Better Than Real Thing

The best way to advertise a business is through advertising. The best advertising is that which reaches the largest number of people, engages them in the actual advertising campaign and gets them to visit the business and buy stuff.

Well, it seems that Arby’s has hit the jackpot. Well, not actually Arby’s, but a parody site on Twitter tat makes fun of food, the human existence and life itself. It seems that posing the tough questions that make people think is a way to get them to eat. The parody site makes fun of food that Arby’s sells, and questions what man’s existence on the planet is….then encourages people to eat.

The response rate to the posts is at an alarming high as well and has been assisted by technology enhanced radiology. Readers have overwhelmingly taken a liking to the almost morbid posts. The restaurant chain has been able to capitalize on the posts through offering links to the real Arby’s site, and offering coupons for customers who read the tweets.

This is the perfect union for any advertising plan. The parody has gotten the attention of the Twitter universe, and it is quickly spreading to the internet as a whole as Twitter fans repost on facebook and other social media sites.

Some may say that fact is better than fiction, but in this case it does not appear to be the case. Fiction, or parody, seems to be the leader in terms of followers and responses.

Have you Added your Facebook Legacy Contact?

There’s so much for your family to think about after you’re dead, but now, what to do with your Facebook account will no longer be an issue. The social media giant has now added a legacy contact into your profile. When you add this contact, they will have complete control over managing your Facebook account once you are gone. Before now, Facebook would simply freeze the account once you passed away.

The purpose of the legacy contact is primarily to help manage your account and help create a memorial. The legacy contact will be able to change profile images, respond to friend requests and post on the page and more. The legacy contact will be unable to change anything that the deceased individual has already posted onto their account. In addition, the legacy contact does not have the authority to delete the account permanently.

If you are concerned about your Facebook account after you die, you can change your settings anywhere. I did it while I was waiting on my appointment at Amen Clinics. Simply tap the Security tab and then the Legacy Contact tab found on the bottom of the page. Once there, you simply choose the Facebook friend that you would like to grant permission to. You can have only one person designated as a legacy contact. 

Now that there is one less thing to worry about after you are gone….

North American Spine: Leading Spine Care Company

North American Spine has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. North American Spine is the leader when it comes to spine care. They offer non-operative as well as operative treatment to patients who have neck conditions, spine conditions, spinal stenosis and herniated discs. The company has celebrated 6 years since it started providing accurascope procedure. This is a process that is meant for the spine.

The company has been able to provide over 8,000 procedures by physicians who are certified when it comes to performing such procedures. The treatments offered by this company provide patients with lasting relief. Their accurascope procedure is an alternative for those who have back and neck pain. This company is an expert in neurosurgery, orthopedic, spine surgery and interventional pain management. They have state of the art equipment such as the high definition camera. They offer their outpatient procedures in 45 minutes.

The doctors who work at North American Spine give their patients the information that they require to make a decision. They encourage their patients go for conservative therapies such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections and pain medications before they opt for surgical procedure. The doctors who perform back pain surgeries have the necessary experience in that industry. Some of the people who have had success with their spinal care are Larry Gatlin, a songwriter and music singer. Gatlin had a chronic pain in the leg for 47 years. Now, Gatlin has been relieved of the pain that he felt for all those years.

There are a number of patients who have benefited from the accurascope procedure. One such patient is a resident of Arkansas and went through the process from North American Spine. This patient received the procedure free of charge as he was recommended by Shelby White who was his coordinator. The method is usually meant for treating sciatica, herniated discs, arthritis, scar tissue, annular tears and bulging discs among other conditions.

The methods do not take a long time. One process can take about 30 minutes. There are cameras that are of high definition. This camera is the small and is the size of a coffee stir. The camera can detect where the pain has occurred. Once the procedure is done, it will be bandaged and stitched. The patients who undergo the accurascope procedure get relief from the pain within a few days and can return to work.

Important Lessons from 83,000 Brain Scans: Daniel Amen at TEDxOrangeCoast

You’ve probably seen the TedTalk from Dr. Daniel Amen popping up in your feed the past few days. I have to say, this viral video is really interesting. We discuss below.

Dr. Daniel Amen has passion for the health of your brain. Using both he discovered links between the size, shape and the activity of the brain and its relationship to mental illnesses that plague people all over the world. His support of the healing power of psychiatry began years ago when he witness how a doctor of psychiatry helped his aunt, thereby pulling her from a debilitating depression.

This was his introduction as he presented his lecture on the results of eighty-three thousand brain images over a twenty-two year period. The results are fascinating. His logic is simple and isn’t difficult to embrace. In fact, the information is life altering for those who suffer with mental illnesses.

Using SPECT imaging of the brain, which provides a 3-D picture, Dr. Amen explains and demonstrates what a normal brain looks likes. The brain’s activity is either good, too little or two much. Also, the shape of a person’s brain has a good deal to do with its health. He adds credibility to his statements with picture of unhealthy brains versus healthy ones.

Doctors of psychiatry are the only medical physicians who don’t look at the organ they treat. In psychiatry, one size doesn’t fit all especially when prescription drugs are used to treat mental illness. Daniel Amen presented an example of two brain images, one with low activity and one with high activity. Both patients were treated with the same drug therapy, but obviously had different problems. He explain that this could actually impede the healing process.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s experience includes over twenty years of studying brain SPECT imaging and resulting human behavior. An overlooked common occurrence contributing to brain damage are traumatic brain injuries. These are injuries resulting from hard falls or hits on the head. He spoke of a teen with discipline and anger issues. When he was three years old he fell down a flight of stairs and was unconscious for a few moments. Though he seemed to have recovered and physically he did, the jarring effected his brain which caused his erratic and uncontrolled behavior.

The lecture continued to examine the brains of Alzheimer patients. These imaging were very different when compared to healthy brains. The science of his theories is indisputable. To treat mental illnesses and behavior problems, you must understand what you are treating in order to make a complete diagnosis and properly treat.

Follow Dr. Daniel Amen on Twitter and see the viral TedTalk from Dr. Daniel Amen below:

Netflix Adds Debts to Create More New Content

The success of original series, such as House of Cards, seems to have prompted Netflix to look to original programming as its way of moving forward and adding new subscribers to the video streaming service, Variety reports. Viewers like Susan McGalla have heard that the company has decided to raise the debt it is looking to take on in 2015 from $1 billion to $1.5 billion. More on McGalla is available on This will largely be used to add more content to its service to attract new customers and maintain existing customers with the service.

Netflix had earlier this week sent letters to shareholders explaining the reasoning behind the move to add a large amount of debt to its existing debts, with CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells looking to calm investors with a letter detailing their plans for the future. The move to add the debt is designed to free up funds to continue the drive to create original content in a variety of forms, Netflix hopes to continue to create new original series for existing and new show. The company is also hoping to create a number of documentaries and comedy specials that will add even more original content to its streaming service for customers.

Arizona Measles Outbreak Reaches ‘Critical Point’


Two extra measles cases were reported in Arizona on Tuesday, and medical officials have raised alarm that more and more people that live in this state might have become vulnerable this month.

These two cases were reported on Tuesday-a man from Pinal County plus a lady from Phoenix- were associated with a family that has members whose cases of measles were reported last week after traveling to Disneyland in California.

The epidemic of measles has gone to a critical level as per Will Humble, administrator of Arizona Department of Health Services. The epidemic has the capacity to be excessively worse compared to the last measles epidemic that occurred in Arizona in 2008.

Humble said that the figures of cases are going to extremely continue to increase.

He also said that he was certain they are going to experience more cases simply by the basis of sheer amount of individuals exposed this particular time.

Medical officials think that the Phoenix-area lady lately identified with measles might have exposed about 195 kids to the infection in Phoenix Children’s East Valley Center on 20th and 21st of January.

Maricopa County representatives and residents like Gianfrancesco Genoso, were making efforts of communicating to the kid’s families on Tuesday. A medical facility official affirmed to 12 News that the lady wasn’t a staff and it wasn’t understood about her presence in the facility.

Humble stated that even though officers have a record of individuals who were present in the hospital, the issue is not finding out whether people in big meetings or journeyed out of the county had contact with those that had measles.