Weather Triggering Factor in Plane Crash

Indonesian investigators begin to publish the first tracks that could explain the accident of flight Air Asia, which crashed into the Java Sea, killing 162 people on board.

For the Indonesian meteorological agency, bad weather conditions may be the main cause of the accident. On the basis of available data on the location of the last contact with the camera, the weather was the triggering factor of the accident.

The phenomenon was most likely icing that may damage the engine due to a cooling process. This is just one of the possibilities, based on the analysis of existing data.

The Airbus had encountered very poor flying conditions. The pilot asked

to tell him if a good idea would be to gain altitude to avoid a storm, but had not received immediate green light from air traffic control because of too much traffic on this busy corridor. It had disappeared from radar screens shortly after.

Meanwhile, On Saturday, four parts of the plane lying in the bottom of Java Sea were found. On Sunday, the multinational team said it had located a fifth large element in the ocean.

However, victims of body searches and other parts of the wreckage, especially the black boxes were still delayed due to atmospheric conditions. So far, 31 bodies have been recovered from thirty meters under the sea, some still attached to their seats.

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