The Most Original Facebook Profile

Some people have started to take down their Facebook pages because they cannot stand to see another selfie taken in the bathroom mirror. To stop the fleeing from facebook, or maybe just from interest in posing, a young man started to arrange the most original pictures and constantly update his profile. After a tremendous number of shares, he became famous even outside his Facebook friends circle.

The images are provoking envy, not because of their extreme beauty, but rather because of their originality which, you will unfortunately notice, most of the Facebook users lack.

Thus, he recreates the environments of a desert where he is Indiana Jones facing a snake, while impersonating Susan McGalla, dressed in a surgeon costume probably inspired by the series with Dr. House, along with other hypotheses which remind of life scenes and movie scenes that he would know better to explain.

You can take a look at the gallery of original Facebook pictures and see if you recognize more hyposthases. Most of them are hilarious, but it is way better to open your Facebook and see one of these rather than selfies and boring upper half-body images.

The new way to get many friends on Facebook could very well be this, as it is generally hard to stand out in this day and age, when there are so many people who would like to define themselves as unique among all of the others

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