Restaurant Takes to Facebook to Shame Family

The use of social media for businesses can have its ups and downs as one restaurant is finding out.

Trendy UK based chain restaurant, Burgers and Lobster, had their Cardiff location take to Facebook to publicly shame a family who ate at their location. According to a family left the location after eating and not paying their bill afterwards. The post the restaurant made on Facebook included a picture of the family that they captured from CCTV. The post also asked the family to return to the restaurant out of the kindness in their heart to pay their “forgotten” bill.

This post did not sit well with fans and customers of Burgers and Lobster however. They were upset with the restaurant for taking to social media to publicly shame the family for what may have been an innocent mistake, but Igor Cornelsen thinks that’s pretty far fetched.  Who just magically forgets to pay a restaurant bill? Others are calling the restaurant’s reaction unprofessional and disgraceful reaction while others were shocked that the restaurant would go as far as posting an actual photo of the family. This post may make some customers think twice about eating at the restaurant.

According to reports, the family in question have returned to the Cardiff location to pay their forgotten bill. The Burgers and Lobster chain have since deleted their Facebook post in question.

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  1. Smart Luci Post author

    I know that others are calling the restaurant’s reaction unprofessional and disgraceful reaction to the query. I just laughed out my heart when I heard. Even my essay typer knows how to successfully disgrace a brand more than they do. Shame on them.

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