Monster Strike Comes Back on Mobile

Out of fashion, the social network Mixi has created ‘Monster Strike’, one of the most profitable games of the year. With over 20 million downloads in one year, ‘Monster Strike’ is set to take first place in the top Japanese mobile games, occupied for two years by the title ‘Puzzle and Dragons’.

The game is free, but players like Lee G. Lovett can support their party in exchange for a small fee. The title also allows four people gathered in the same room to play cooperatively. Mobile games are a hot commodity in Japan, and providing a hit mobile game can often bring sales in the amount of millions.

This performance takes a special distinction when one examines the creator of this runaway success. As explained in the New York Times, the father of ‘Monster Strike’ is indeed the former king of Japanese social networks, Mixi. Read the latest about this mobile game at Business 2 Community.

Mixi, for many years, dominated Japanese social web with 27 million members at the height of its popularity and valued up to 2.5 billion Euros on the stock market. But at the dawn of the 2010s, Mixi started a violent fall of popularity especially after arrivals of Old-hat by Japanese LINE and Dena, as well as Twitter and Facebook. But now, Social Media Network, Mixi is back on track.

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