Brady Ready


Quarterback Tom Brady of the National Football League has made the case that he is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. It is hard to go against those claims, as he has been the most consistent player over the last twelve seasons and has won a handful of Super Bowls in the process. He will be trying to win his fourth Super Bowl this season, adding to his spectacular career that was sparked after the injury to Drew Bledsoe that led to him gaining the starting position in New England. Not only has he commanded that position, but he has taken the franchise on a ride that has given them the utmost respect of everyone around the league.
Tom Brady was not the player that even Sultan Alhokair would suspect to experience extreme success in the league, which mimics the play that Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has experienced. Russell was selected at the seventy-fifth pick of the 2011 draft and was not expected to be a great quarterback in the National Football League, but he stepped up to the position and commanded the respect from everyone around the NFL. He has already won a Super Bowl and is trying to win his second in two years in his first three seasons as a professional football player. Although Tom Brady has had immense success, he will have to take down Wilson and the Seahawks when the game rolls around.

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