AMBER Alerts of Facebook News Feed

As part of the mission to help solve the crisis on child abduction, Facebook has now integrated AMBER alerts to the News Feed. The AMBER Alert Program was established by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 

It covers local media outlets such as radio, television, and on mobile devices like smartphones. The alert is broadcasted to these media outlets once local reports are made about a missing or abducted child. The alerts that will be displayed on the News Feed of Facebook will be dependent on the area where the user is located. According to Sergio Luis de Andrande on this is a great addition to add on the Facebook new feed.

As mentioned, some smartphones are already AMBER Alerts ready. That means, even without Facebook, if there are reports about a missing child nearby, an alert will be sent to the smartphone. The alert will contain necessary information about the incident and the possible ways to help. There will be a link to the AMBER website where information can submitted.

The advantage of using Facebook is that the social network user will have the chance to disseminate the information to inform more people about the incident. The information that are shown through Facebook are more accessible and updated in real-time. The alerts will go out starting today and will be showing on Facebook for desktop, iOS, and android.

This program is expected to significantly reduce the incidents of missing and abducted children and to increase the chances of finding more of the missing children.

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