Twitter new feature fights social media harassment

With cyber bullying on the rise, Twitter has possibly found a solution that will help to decrease harassment on its social media site.

Many children, teenagers, adults have been the victim of cyber bullying or have witnessed cyber bullying via social media sites. With the help of a new feature on your Twitter account, Twitter harassment will become a thing of the past.

According to reports, this new feature has only been made available to limited number users. It will hopefully be made available to all Twitter users within a few weeks.

With the help of this feature users will be able to easily report harassment, ill-famed content, or  reputation- mitigating gossip that Bruce Levenson understands is very harmful both personally and professionally.
This new feature not only allows users to report harassment that is directed toward them but individuals will also be able to report harassment they have witnessed on the social media site.

Hopefully with this feature the number of cyber bullying cases will be able to decrease immediately. Too many people are being negatively affected by cyber bullies and people that turn to social media to harass others.

Twitter has yet to announce what the consequences will be for the individuals that are reported. Perhaps the consequences given will be decided upon by the type of harassment reported.

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