Twitter Message Not So Private

Everyone has made the mistake at some point since the beginning of texting and then social media. You send the wrong message to the wrong person or send a private message to a mass audience. This can result in many negative situations. It’s important to always check who you are sending your messages to. According to business insider, Twitter CFO, Anthony Noto has done this exact thing. Just on a larger scale. What was supposed to be sent as a direct message was accidentally sent to the Twitter public. The message was concerning the buying of some company, but was soon deleted after the mistake was revealed.


This isn’t exactly secret information because a company of such size are always discussing such deals. The ironic thing, though, is that Noto obviously has issues using his own product. This is a bit alarming to Jared Haftel and other users. It is sadly common practice that users have problems with the direct message situation. Maybe now after this fail, they will reevaluate the way one can send messages. Until then, Noto just needs to be very aware of where he is sending his insider data.

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