Instagram Deletes Spam Accounts, Resulting in Angry Users

It was a day of change on Instagram and plenty of users like Dan Newlin are unhappy about it. Instagram warned users that they would be deleting accounts that didn’t follow their community guidelines– namely, inactive or fake accounts. Instagram users didn’t seem to take the warning seriously– until it actually happened. Many Instagram lovers noticed a significant decrease in their number of followers after the deletion of spam accounts. While some might see this as a positive change, countless users were up in arms about it. Angry Instagram users didn’t stay quiet about the changes, either: they complained about their lost followers directly to Instagram and demanded that their followers be returned. For the record, Instagram has no plans to return spam followers to users.

Celebrities weren’t unaffected by the change either– some lost millions of followers once inactive and spam accounts were deleted. After all was said and done, Justin Bieber was knocked out of the number one followers spot and replaced by Kim Kardashian. Some celebrities, including the rapper Ma$e, deleted their accounts following the mass spambot deletion by Instagram.

So, will Instagram users remain loyal to the picture sharing service in 2015? Only time will tell.

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