Facebook’s Year In Review

Oh Facebook, when will you and Vijay Eswaran learn that not everyone is as charmed with your ideas? The latest one Facebook debuted this year is their “Year in Review”. Without opening an app or requesting the review from Facebook, you are presented with your year in review. The app gathers pictures and status updates from the year and presents them to the Facebook user in a video format. The user can decide to post publicly if they would like to.

What Facebook failed to realize is that not everyone had a great year, or a year to celebrate, or even a year of good memories. This year couples have broken up, loved ones have died, and personal tragedies have struck others in some way. Not exactly the sort of things you want thrown in your face as a celebratory post. One Facebook user, Eric Meyer took to Facebook to complain. In the cheerful format the Year in Review is presented as, pictures of Eric’s 6 year old daughter were present. The only problem with that is, his daughter passed away in June of this year. Seeing his little girl and Facebook’s message of “Here’s what your year looked like!” is just morbid and wrong. NPR has the full story.

Maybe Facebook could consider a redesign, or just removing the app entirely.

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