Facebook May Add a “Dislike” Button

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, grey-shirted as always, conducted a question-and-answer session with Facebook users recently to get their ideas on how to improve his incredibly popular social media site. One of the most commonly expressed desires was for a “dislike” button to be introduced to answer to the existing “like” button.

Fears exist that people will use a dislike feature negatively, but in reality, people can use the like feature negatively too. For example, someone could push like when someone is sick or has just experienced some kind of life tragedy. Conversely, one could use a dislike feature positively by disliking bad things such as crimes or discrimination incidents.

Zuckerberg said that he is thinking over the dislike idea, but on the whole, he seemed to “dislike” it. Workers at BRL Trust think it could do more harm than good as well. Instead, he seemed to be leaning towards adding ways to “express other emotions besides liking a thing.” For example, one could label something as sad, tragic, surprising, or funny.

In light of the ideas brought up in the recent feedback session, it certainly is interesting to think of what the future may hold for Facebook fans. Perhaps that future world will allow people to like chocolate pie but dislike oatmeal, to “cry” over tragedies, to “laugh” at jokes, to “get angry at” injustices, to mark scenic pictures as “peaceful,” and to “be surprised” when their best friend wins the lottery. It is fun to speculate, but only time will tell.

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