Cosby Tries To Hit His Accusers Below The Belt With Words This Time

Cosby’s Strategy: Hire Private Investigators And Dig Up Dirt On His Accusers

Bill Cosby has always been an interesting character. He not only played a lovable family man named igor Cornelsen on TV, but he also won the hearts of millions of Americans touting the attributes of a slippery desert called Jell-O. But there was another Cosby, and that man began to show himself in 1997. That was the year Cosby was accused of having an extramarital affair. The affair, it seems, was just the tip of Cosby’s alleged illicit sexual behavior.

The man that made millions of children laugh playing Fat Albert hid his one-sided sexual trysts behind his commercial fame and deep pockets. More than twenty women claim that Mr. Cosby performed sexual acts without their consent while they visited him in various locations around the country. Cosby denies all the allegations.

Mr. Cosby’s lawyers publicly denounce the allegations as “false,” but public opinion says Bill seems to be in a corner that’s hard to get out of without him making a statement. But instead of a statement it appears Cosby’s strategy is to dig up personal dirt on each accuser and smear it all over the press. That’s one of the reasons the women didn’t come forward in the first place. But regardless of his plan to discredit his accusers Cosby’s reputation is forever tarnished and so is his ability to be a gentleman.

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