Bringing Back the Same Old Question about the Dislike Button

During a public Q&A in Northern California, one U.C. Davis law student asked the same old question from several years back: Will Facebook ever add a dislike button? I often think the same thing when browsing Qnet. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, provided him with a hedged response, saying his company is considering adding an option to express negatively in a positive way. In other words, the dislike button would allow Facebook members to dislike negative posts. For example, when someone writes about his latest traffic ticket, his friends can dislike the post. Under no circumstance will Zuckerberg allow Facebook members to dislike posts where positive responses are expected and wanted.

Rumors have spread wide and far about Mark Zuckerberg and his less-than-stellar personality. However, he rules his Facebook community like a just king, wisely denying their request for a dislike button after so many years. He hopes to foster a loving and caring community, where members can catch up with friends and encourage them. This is commendable. Adding a dislike button where less-than-happy folks can dislike positive posts will negatively reinforce people to stay off Facebook.

To express sympathy and concern, Facebook members can currently comment on a post. This will provide the posting friend with encouragement over his negative post, and without ever needing a dislike button.

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