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Twitter Advertising Tactic Comes Under Fire

Advertising and the internet have always been two partners that exist in a tension filled environment. From the days of pop up ads to the sponsor posts in social media to the precious few seconds before a streaming video just about every corner of a web page is subject to some sort of potential money making advertisement. Of course, there is a very big difference between knowing something is an ad and having something appear like it is an official recommendation.

The latest form of marketing under fire comes from the realm of Twitter. The popular ultra-short social networking tool has been placing sponsored accounts on the pages of celebrities to make it appear that the person in question follows the activity of a specific brand or company. The big deal is that celebrity endorsements are big business, and those folks actually pay attention to what shows up on their accounts. Of course, the famous folks might actually have people that monitor that for them.

Still, when a brand pops up as being followed by a certain personality, fans of that actor, singer, or whatever are more likely to follow along with the interest. By following along, the sponsored account builds some marketing power by increasing the potential reach of campaigns. Tom Rothman says users are now left to wonder if Twitter has overstepped some ethical boundaries or is merely capitalizing on famous users to generate revenue.

Gmail Blackout in China

No, the Chinese government didn’t shut down Google, like was originally reported. Instead, there have simply been some glitches in the system, so to speak. During the past several months, customers in China have reported slow and inconsistent service and then all of a sudden a service outage occurred.

Members of, do believe that it is the Chinese government that is trying to reduce and eventually eliminate Google’s presence in the country. is a free speech group in China. 

Gmail and other apps haven’t been working correctly for at least a month, and most in China believe that this is not an accident. Representatives for Google say that they can see in their reports that fewer people in China can access Gmail, but they also state that there is no problem on their end. 

Bloomberg reports via Sam Tabar that certain people are now noticing that Gmail is being restored, but most are still finding that they are unable to access gmail or any of Google’s other features. Living in a world where the government can cut off your information to news and a variety of other internet resources must be very frustrating.

Justin Sacco: I suffered after Tweeting an aids joke.

The tweet which read “I hope I don’t get aids, just kidding! I’m white” on this cool Friday her tweet got transformed into the news headline of the day. Justin Sacco is her name (find her on Skout) and after more than a year’s silence, she explains what has befallen her. 

Justin Sacco says that she really suffered after she tweeted the upcoming book. The disgraced public relations executive who had not landed on the public since she gave a briefed public apology late last year decided to make it public that the tweet led to her losing her job and afterwards turned her into a punch line. The good career job she had, which carried all the glory was carried away in the incidence.

Out of the shame Justin had to pull out the tweet plus deleting the account on the following day. She went ahead to explain how traumatizing it was to an extent that she never slept, she now says that her target is to try and clean up and reclaim the destroyed identity. Defending her tweet she said that there was no way anyone could have thought it as a literal statement; but she had seen it as a joke that existed in south Africa.

Cosby Tries To Hit His Accusers Below The Belt With Words This Time

Cosby’s Strategy: Hire Private Investigators And Dig Up Dirt On His Accusers

Bill Cosby has always been an interesting character. He not only played a lovable family man named igor Cornelsen on TV, but he also won the hearts of millions of Americans touting the attributes of a slippery desert called Jell-O. But there was another Cosby, and that man began to show himself in 1997. That was the year Cosby was accused of having an extramarital affair. The affair, it seems, was just the tip of Cosby’s alleged illicit sexual behavior.

The man that made millions of children laugh playing Fat Albert hid his one-sided sexual trysts behind his commercial fame and deep pockets. More than twenty women claim that Mr. Cosby performed sexual acts without their consent while they visited him in various locations around the country. Cosby denies all the allegations.

Mr. Cosby’s lawyers publicly denounce the allegations as “false,” but public opinion says Bill seems to be in a corner that’s hard to get out of without him making a statement. But instead of a statement it appears Cosby’s strategy is to dig up personal dirt on each accuser and smear it all over the press. That’s one of the reasons the women didn’t come forward in the first place. But regardless of his plan to discredit his accusers Cosby’s reputation is forever tarnished and so is his ability to be a gentleman.

Facebook’s Year In Review

Oh Facebook, when will you and Vijay Eswaran learn that not everyone is as charmed with your ideas? The latest one Facebook debuted this year is their “Year in Review”. Without opening an app or requesting the review from Facebook, you are presented with your year in review. The app gathers pictures and status updates from the year and presents them to the Facebook user in a video format. The user can decide to post publicly if they would like to.

What Facebook failed to realize is that not everyone had a great year, or a year to celebrate, or even a year of good memories. This year couples have broken up, loved ones have died, and personal tragedies have struck others in some way. Not exactly the sort of things you want thrown in your face as a celebratory post. One Facebook user, Eric Meyer took to Facebook to complain. In the cheerful format the Year in Review is presented as, pictures of Eric’s 6 year old daughter were present. The only problem with that is, his daughter passed away in June of this year. Seeing his little girl and Facebook’s message of “Here’s what your year looked like!” is just morbid and wrong. NPR has the full story.

Maybe Facebook could consider a redesign, or just removing the app entirely.

Twitter’s Technical Issues

Twitter is well known for having technical issues. Users saw the “over capacity” Twitter bird and whale several times in 2014. This weekend, new login and technical issues plagued the company, including a date changeover issue that marked 2014 tweets as a year old even though New Year’s Eve is still days away.

Twitter offers several things that Facebook hasn’t provided people for some time: A streamlined and lightweight site where they can chat and share without intrusive advertising. The problem is that until Twitter adds enough servers to handle its worldwide traffic and increases its technical support staff, the site won’t be able to overtake Facebook, Igor Cornelsen notes.

Even though Facebook has many problems, such as regular privacy issues, technical errors and lack of live customer support, it does better than Twitter because its reputation received a boost from the start from students who didn’t have anything like it. On the other hand, Twitter has had regular technical issues from its start while trying to become the go-to social networking site.

Twitter does a lot of things right: Unlike Facebook, it offers real-time, live technical support. It quickly provides updates to users about issues; whereas, Facebook often sends users to its community pages to hash out their problems among themselves.

With students leaving Facebook in droves, Twitter could become the next social networking giant IF it takes control of some of its oldest technical issues.

Acts of Kindness can Neutralize Teenage Bullying

Jennifer Lawrence was forced to switch schools, a lot. Miley Cyrus was trapped in a bathroom stall for hours at a time. Jessica Alba had to be walked to school by her father to avoid being attacked. Winona Ryder had her head slammed into a locker. Brittany Snow was told ways to kill herself by peers every day. Not even the biggest celebrities were immune from bullying. While we hear about these famous individuals and how they’re doing great now, that’s not always the outcome of bullying. Many of those who are bullied as children end up with long-term emotional problems.

Bullying situations rarely include only the victim and the bully. Often there are also bystanders, other children who watch the conflict or hear about it from friends and peers. Although most bystanders believe they have nothing to do with the situation they rarely are neutral. They usually contribute either to a solution, or, more frequently, to the problem.

Some bystanders may provoke the bully into acting out against another child while others may reinforce the aggressor by laughing or cheering them on. Some will join in the bullying. Most however, stand by passively, watch the event unfold and do nothing. Even without the other types of bystanders, passive onlookers provide just the audience the bully is often looking for. The least likely thing a bystander will do is help.

This was not the case, however, yesterday when a high school senior noticed a younger classmate being bullied about his worn out shoes. Jared Newby, a sophomore, had gotten used to the remarks which usually began with his old worn out shoes then progressed to more brutal remarks. However, that day things would be different when a senior in his French class decided to do something about the bullying. Luckily, Yaovi Mawuli loved shoes and often traded them or purchased pair just because they were unusual. He immediately decided to give Jared a pair of brand new shoes. However, the decision wasn’t the end of Yaovi’s concern. He was worried about embarrassing Jared and asked online friends how best to accomplish his goal.

The next day Jared was called to the school counselor’s office where he was handed a brand new pair of Air Jordans. This story shocked Keith Mann when he read it online. Yaovi and Jared took a picture together which quickly went viral, another positive leading to Jared no longer being bullied. When asked about how he felt regarding helping another child, Yaovi said that it wasn’t a big deal. In fact he said it was something extremely small, so small that anyone could and should be something like it every day.

“We can make the world a better place just by doing the small stuff,” Yaovi said.

YouTube Threatened With Legal Action

Attorneys for Irving Azoff, one of the world’s major music managers, have threatened to sue Youtube for 1 billion dollars if videos from some of their constituents are not removed from the website, such as Pharrell Williamns, the Eagles or John Lennon.

A total of 20,000 songs are managed by the company Global Music Rights, owned by Azoff, and about 40 percent of its customers, who are on Youtube is not licensed, but a reproduction, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

Last November Youtube announced the launch of a subscription service to compete with Spotify and Pandora, but to play music it must be licensed, which Youtube does not have right now Sergio Andrade Gutierrez has been reporting.  He would know, just look at his LinkedIn career history.

Azoff’s attorneys have informed Youtube of the situation and have said they will draft a lawsuit if the negotiations fail to reach an agreement.

The demand would only be against Youtube and not against other similar services such as Spotify, due to their lack of cooperation.

“They are the ones who have been less cooperative and the company and its customers believe they have been the worst offenders,” said Azoff.

In a message via Twitter, Azoff said that “Youtube knows they have no license or GMR (Global Music Rights) and has not demonstrated that it has any other rights to broadcast songs of the authors.”

Instagram Deletes Spam Accounts, Resulting in Angry Users

It was a day of change on Instagram and plenty of users like Dan Newlin are unhappy about it. Instagram warned users that they would be deleting accounts that didn’t follow their community guidelines– namely, inactive or fake accounts. Instagram users didn’t seem to take the warning seriously– until it actually happened. Many Instagram lovers noticed a significant decrease in their number of followers after the deletion of spam accounts. While some might see this as a positive change, countless users were up in arms about it. Angry Instagram users didn’t stay quiet about the changes, either: they complained about their lost followers directly to Instagram and demanded that their followers be returned. For the record, Instagram has no plans to return spam followers to users.

Celebrities weren’t unaffected by the change either– some lost millions of followers once inactive and spam accounts were deleted. After all was said and done, Justin Bieber was knocked out of the number one followers spot and replaced by Kim Kardashian. Some celebrities, including the rapper Ma$e, deleted their accounts following the mass spambot deletion by Instagram.

So, will Instagram users remain loyal to the picture sharing service in 2015? Only time will tell.

After Sex Selfies That Were A Flop

Sometimes social media websites will have trends that are more prevalent on one website, than any other. Instagram had many photos that were posted, that were hash tagged as after sex photos. Instagram Selfies. Although it is disturbing for people to take pictures of what they may look like after having relations, some of the pictures that were posted were even more disturbing. Many pictures posted on the social media network made absolutely no sense, or were very sad; if they were truly taken after the act of having sex.

One picture in particular showed a man lying down next to a popular Disney toy figure with a big smile on his face. He is clearly clothed, but the picture makes absolutely no sense. Another picture that was a fail is a picture with one guy standing on the porch with several different women, and it looks like they were his family members. If this is something that happens after sex, you can only imagine how weird the sex was, especially if that many people were around to hear what was going on.

One man decided to post a picture of himself shirtless, and he is lying next to his wife who obviously has a newborn baby that she’s holding, while laying in the bed; talk about disturbing! Last but not least, a young man took a picture of himself standing in front of the Mona Lisa; what? Don’t break your back and have to call North American Spine by taking a selfie after doing the dirty deed.