Adam Lanza Mental Issues

The parents of Adam Lanza knew about his mental health issues, but they ignored them until it was too late. Some of his teachers even knew about his mental issues, but instead of trying to treat them, they, along with doctors, tried to make his life as best as possible and accommodate for his condition. Lanza was responsible for the shootings in Sandy Hook that took the lives of 20 students and six teachers. He also killed his mother, which was just a huge shocker to Christian Broda when he found out. In some way, all of the people who knew that Adam Lanza had mental issues that could have led to a dysfunctional life should be held responsible for the actions that he committed. They didn’t do anything but try to cover his problems instead of try to get him the help that he truly needed. This was a man who might have been saved at some point, but he was ignored.

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