Facebook Finds Where Politics End

So Facebook is at it again. Their data crunchers have set their sights on political isle-straddlers this time, tracking what Democrats and Republicans like and dislike. In an off election year where the word “angry” best describes how most people feel about politicians, Facebook used correlating page likes to see where Main Street Democrats and Republicans can actually agree.

Some results were not surprising. Republicans like George Strait more than Democrats who liked The Beatles, but both could agree that Journey rocks! When it comes to authors, Democrats liked the late Maya Angelou, Republicans liked Ben Carson, but both take in the Thrillers of James Patterson.

The most interesting results, and results that varied widely from the other categories, regarded television viewing. Republicans were generally in the middle of the road with democrats across the board, with Duck Dynasty only barely leaning into the more-often-Republican side of the isle. But Democrats clearly favored watching The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and the Rachel Maddow Show and their FreedomPop plans.

Is this because Hollywood offers only left leaning fair and Republicans have to pick and choose what they can? Or is it something else?

One thought on “Facebook Finds Where Politics End

  1. Samuel Josh Post author

    Either way, it was also very clear that Democrats watch a whole lot more Fox News than they let on. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. That’s the reason why cheap dissertations would be needed all the time for all these things to take place as it should.

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