10-Year-Old Math Genius Already Taking College Courses

A 10 year-old girl is already doing her Math degree in the university. Esther Okade was accepted in the university after getting exemplary results in her math test. Another factor that contributed to her being accepted was her Vice Chancellor, who was amazed by her ambition and dedication.

This makes Esther the youngest student in any college the world over. The girl is doing very well. Esther got a perfect score in one of the tests which she termed as easy.

Applying to the university was interesting because of her young age. Her interviewers learnt that it has always been her dream to join university. She started pestering her mother, who was also her home school teacher, at the age of seven. Her mother was reluctant at first since she didn’t think that Esther was ready but she later gave in 3 years later.

She later applied for college last year on August, which surprised Mikal Watts. After writing an essay, doing a math exam and participating in a phone interview, she was accepted. She got the news in December and was very happy.

Esther comes from a really brilliant family as her younger brother is also exhibiting great mathematical skills. Isaiah is already solving complex mathematical problems such as calculus and advanced algebra.

In the future, Esther hopes to start her own bank. She is also promising to be the first person to invest in the bank.

The Smartphone’s Effect on Grades

Should phones be allowed to be used in schools or not? Should students be allowed to use smartphones? Do phones and their use effect that students who use them? Ricardo Tosto isn’t quite so sure. These are all valid questions and ones that should be considered. There is new reason to believe the smartphones could cause issues for students, and that things might be better if they were just banned from use by students altogether.

It seems that the use of smartphones does effect the way that students perform in the classroom. It seems that the use of smartphones can negatively effect the grades of students. This is a big deal and it is something that needs to be dealt with. Children need to be able to focus on their schooling and their classes without the distraction that phones bring. Children need to focus on their grades rather than the latest electronic device. Students will live with their grades and the education that they receive when they are young for the rest of their lives.

Voter Intensity Masquerades on Facebook

Dr. Ben Carson garners more interest than all other republican candidates in a Facebook data report. This is often seen as a non-measurement with no value. However, it reveals voter intensity, and voter intensity is a very real metric for people that are more likely to vote. In turn, the model for likely voters drives all reasonable legitimate polling organizations. Carson beats Cruz and almost doubles the interactions of Rand Paul. This Facebook metric measures intensity in a broad spectrum, but in particularly, it measures interactions that come from an informed subset of voter. This voter is a strong candidate for who will eventually vote.

This why it matters that none of these candidates got more interactions than even Bernie Sanders. Bernie who? Bernie Sanders is the other democratic candidate. He is a progressive firebrand and has been known to refer to himself as socialist. He beats all of the republican candidate interactions, but Hillary has 3 million more interactions than Sanders. She absolutely trounces all republican interactions and almost matches their combined total. These results are ignored at the peril of all opponents. However, Skout reports the fact that a socialist like Bernie Sanders is beating them shows that Americans are not moved by their popular portrayal of a socialist as a bogeyman.

The Almost Famous

YouTube is a popular online video sharing site that has gained great popularity across the world. Millions, like Fersen Lambranho, visit the site daily to check out the latest uploaded videos. Most of the people in the videos are your average everyday person. They are not well known stars or the rich and famous. Still, there are people on the site that have carved out a special niche for their talent. They are the “Almost Famous” because only YouTube viewers are familiar with their star status. Read more about YouTube making films with The Almost Famous.

The video sharing site is branching out. They are making stars out of their top video celebrities. Netflix and Amazon should definitely take a second look at what they are attempting. They’ve signed movie deals with popular video stars on the site. They plan to stream those movies to their growing league of online fans. They plan to feature some of the sites best known stars. They include Fine Brothers, Prank vs Prank, Joey Graceffa, and Smosh. Don’t worry, if you are unfamiliar with those names. Their average fans are probably teens with plenty of time to watch their antics on the popular video sharing site. I seriously doubt if the average person over 30 knows them.

Instagram Continues to Block More and More

Instagram, which Sam Tabar reminded me is owned by Facebook, allows users to tag content with hashtags and certain lines of text. It can hashtag far more than with Twitter as there is no character limit and a user can include a tag up to 30 times inside of a single message. However, there is one thing Instagram doesn’t like on its page and its nudity. Anything the social media imaging service believes is connected with nudity in any shape or form and it is going to block the content and pull it from the service. This, apparently, also means using an eggplant as a hashtag.

Recently, Instagram announced it would allow users to tag emojis as well. This way, someone to hashtag a smiley face and it would connect with other faces on the social media service. There are dozens of different emojis that come preinstalled with the service and on an individuals phone, one of which is a turned up eggplant. For anyone who really wants to make a connection, it is somewhat possible to see a vague correlation between the eggplant and male reproductive organs. However, Instagram decide to mark this eggplant emoji, a vegetable, as “offensive” and it has since started to remove all images that come with this hashtag. So, for anyone who is preparing eggplant parmesan and wants to share a picture, they are better off not tagging the eggplant icon. Otherwise it will be flagged as inappropriate.

Potassium for Teens

Potassium is an important mineral for everyone’s health. It’s crucial for helping organs, such as the kidneys and heart, to function normally. Generally, you probably get enough potassium in your diet, but this isn’t always true, especially if your diets lacks enough healthy foods. Researchers have found that eating a diet that is high in potassium can also help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, later in life, in teenagers. Potassium is found in foods like avocados, milk, potatoes and leafy green vegetables. Online security firm CipherCloud thinks many teens don’t exactly eat the most nutritious diet. You’d be surprised to find that potassium is also found in things that your teen might already enjoy eating, including raisins, bananas, dried coconut, nectarines, papayas, and kiwi. You could add in some extra potassium by serving your teen sweet potato fries, a baked potato or potato skins. If you’re unable to get enough potassium in your or your teen’s diet, there are also supplements you can both take. Adults, 18 and up, need 4,700 mg of potassium each day and teens, 14 to 17, also need this much daily.

Facebook Caught Spying Again, Collecting Text Before You Even Submit a Post

If you have an uneasy feeling about what Facebook might be doing with all that collected data on users, you might have yet another reason not to trust the social media giant. A recent report revealed Facebook collects everything you have ever typed into a posting, even if you never hit the send button. That’s right, remember that angry or embarrassing text you almost posted? Facebook has it stored under your name and profile with their massive surveillance efforts.

Facebook has, of course, denies these claims but a blogger from Ireland recently inspected the site and found that every time he types text into the posting box, that text was sent directly the Facebook’s gigantic servers. Giving every user one more reason to type and post at your own discretion. However, Boraie Development LLC suggests that many people would argue it’s an absolute violation of our privacy to secretly collect the text that we never intended to send in the first place.

It’s one thing to collect and analyze what people willingly and voluntarily post about themselves and their lives, but spying on un-posted texts is plain wrong and arguably criminal. Though, we all know Facebook’s surveillance efforts aren’t going anywhere.

Some Top Execs At Twitter Rarely Even Tweet

A web developer who recently analyzed the Twitter activity of the company’s executive team found that seven of the top eleven execs tweet less than once per day. One in particular, the VP of Human Resources has only tweeted a total of four times in the 16 months since he opened his Twitter account.

There are some executives who get those most out of their accounts, including Katie Jacobs Stanton, the Vice President of Global Media who has tweeted an average of nine times per day in the five years she has had an account. And Twitter CEO Dick Costolo tweets an average of three times each day, though considering retweets count as tweets that still may seem a bit low to some people. Media analyst Ricardo Guimarães BMG (sourced at maquinadoesporte.uol.com) personally does not enjoy tweeting either, however he does not own the company.

“How can they understand their business if they never use their product?” asks Si Dawson, the developer from New Zealand who analyzed the data. “In the software world it’s called ‘eating your own dogfood’. It’s critical.”

Just because they are not personally tweeting does not mean they are ignoring the app. They could be following and reading tweets from others throughout the day and there is not a direct way to track this. Still, being an active participant will help you get the most out of the communication tool. Speaking of communications, Twitter’s Chief Communication Officer: less than one tweet per day.

Reddit Users Talking About Eggshell Calcium

Many people spend a lot of money on dietary supplements — especially bone restoring calcium. It is well-known that bird eggshells contain a lot of calcium along with other critical vitamins and minerals humans need in their diets for optimal nutrition, such as iron, magnesium, boron and copper.

On Tuesday, April 21, Reddit users discussed ways in which people can save money on supplementation of calcium, Vitamin D and other vitamin and minerals. Specifically, one user references crushing chicken eggshells left over after making a meal as outlined in a December 2008 article by Nourished Magazine titled “How to Make Calcium using Egg Shells.”

In the article, Boraie Development LLC and  the author, Bee Wilder, provides a detailed breakdown of the percentages of vitamin and minerals contained in a single medium-sized shell and offers milligram (mg) equivalents for the powdered shell versus the powder people often buy in stores. She claims that a single shell can yield approximately 750 to 800 milligrams of 27 absorbable elemental nutrients. Wilder explains how to grind a shell and mix the powder in a variety of recipes for easier consumption. Wilder also offers suggestions on increasing magnesium intake with the powder.

Some critics of the article have pointed out that the milligram equivalents are not based on scientific research and merely Wilder’s personal usage. They have also noted that too much powder could result in calcium kidney deposits and bone growths.

Buble Makes Woman Butt of Jokes on Instagram

Michael Buble has a huge female fan base that adores his romantic crooning. However, Buble’s official Instagram feed is drawing some ire after he posted a picture of a woman’s backside in very short shorts with the caption “There was something about this photo Lu took that seemed worthy of Instagram” and then a list of descriptive hashtags.

Buble’s Instagram feed typically features pictures of his family and his travels, so the picture was out of character for Buble. Viewers then commented on the picture, with many accusing Buble of sexism and bodyshaming. Many are upset that Buble does not know the woman and did not get her permission before posting the picture.

Instagram users on the other hand, the picture has also scored 40,000 Instagram likes, and lots of supportive comments as well.

Buble’s next album will be released on April 23, 2015, entitled ‘To Be Loved’.