Family Launches Social Media Debate After Daughter is told by Pool Employees that she Must Wear a Swim Top

A family in Ontario, Canada are calling for revisions to a public policy. According to the official report, the family, consisting of Cory McLean, partner Anika Warmington and their four children, were enjoying a day at a public poolwhen their only daughter was told she needed to put on a top if she wanted to stay at the pool.

According to McLean and Warmington, their four children, three boys and one girl, were wearing just bottoms at the local pool when a staff member approached them. They asked the girl, Marlee, age 8, how old she was and then requested that she put on a top. According to the pool’s public policy all girls over the age of four must wear a top at the pool.

Kevin Seawright says Marlee’s parents took to social media to discuss the incident, arguing that because Marlee is undeveloped she shouldn’t be made to wear a shirt if she doesn’t want to. Thousands have weighed in on the issue, with people seemingly divided over whether or not an 8-year-old girl should be topless in public.

Warmington and McLean argue that their child was embarrassed by the request, and they are calling for a change in the policy.

Local Man Spots Bullshark Off Ocean Isle Beach and Becomes Internet Sensation

It was their yearly vacation and Gregory Phillips was with his family in Ocean Isle, NC doing what they do best, relaxing. Around dusk, Phillips and his mother were walking and collecting sea shells. The Chillicothe, Ohio Spanish teacher wasn’t looking, but the looming attacks on the teens from the past few days had everyone on guard. He heard a man yelling in the distance for his son to get in off his boogie board. Brad Reifler said that with panic, many people came to the shore to see the bull shark that was floating in 2-3 feet of water.

About 6 feet in length, the shark was swimming back and forth where the waves break. The quick thinking teacher got out his phone and started recording. What started as a video shared on Facebook with his family and friends went viral nationally in a short amount of time. The video was shown on the Today show this morning and Phillips and his family have appeared in the newspaper in Ocean Isle and also in Chillicothe.

No this is no ordinary vacation for the family, but I am sure it is one they will never forget. It’s amazing that so many sharks are making their way to the shoreline. While intriguing, it is also very scary. There are children on these beaches and planes patrolling in the sky. The once family oriented beaches have only a few people on them. Phillips and his family caught a break. According to him, his children were in the waters just a few minutes earlier.

Twitter changes character limit on direct messages

Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media sites in the past decade. They have put themselves on the map by being a great way for the world to react to news. For years, they have held people to only 140 characters for every post, but they appear to planning to change the formula a bit.

Twitter recently decided that the direct messages that you send do not need to have a 140 character limit on them. In the past, it was extremely difficult to send important messages to friends on Twitter stated facebook in a recent post. On Thursday, Twitter announced that they were going to expand the number of characters that users can put in a direct message to 10,000 characters. This a major change that will allow users to better communicate with their friends on Twitter.
The character limit has often been a sticking point for those that are not using Twitter currently. Comedians would often make fun of the 140 character limit. Twitter long refused to ensure that the character limit would increase. They felt that part of the charm of Twitter was the briefness of the tweets. Today, it appears that Twitter is relaxing their policy on character limits in order to make sure that users have a better experience.
This move by Twitter is sure to attract more users to the world of Twitter. The site will probably begin to benefit Twitter right away.

Don’t Be A Boob

Nurse-in on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathylee Moms are now sharing photos of their moments with their child during breastfeeding. Why? To show their pride and encourage other breastfeeding moms. Airing a segment that shamed moms for doing this, NBC’s Today show took major negative hits, during their Ok! or not Ok spot. Gifford making her view very clear stated “breast-feeding is beautiful and natural, but sharing it on social media is TMI” (Too much information). Now where Gifford is entitled to her opinion, she probably should not have made such general statement which seemed to enrage breastfeeding mothers everywhere. As her remarks lead to the now famous ‘Nurse-in’, where mothers across the country shared “brelfies” short for breastfeeding selfies all over Twitter and Facebook. We all have choices that we make and whether someone agrees with them or not should not be made an issue to the point of making another person feel shame. Breastfeeding is natural, good for the baby, and a great bonding experience for mom and baby. FreedomPop said that most mom’s when out in public will even place a blanket over themselves but in the privacy of their homes and the other end of their cameras, they are really free to do what they please according to Wikipedia. I would say, in the world we live in today and what’s being allowed on television, breastfeeding is a wholesome show to be confronted with. Kathylee and Hoda, it could be worse.

Famous YouTube Star comes Out as Gay

Ingrid Nilsen, who is a popular 26-year-old video blogger on YouTube, has recently come out to her fan base to tell them that she is gay. Ingrid, who may be best known for her role as a judge on Lifetime’s “Project Runway” had announced her news in a video to her more than 3 million subscribers. In just two short hours of coming out to her fans, Ingrid’s video was up to 140,000 likes and hundreds of supportive comments from people around the world.

The conversation that Ingrid had with her fans through the video was honest and touching. She came right out to tell them that she was gay, then got tearful when she said how good it felt being able to come out and tell the world who she really is. She went on to say that she figured out at a young age that she like girls, however being gay was not something that was easily accepted in the world she grew up in. She learned to hide who she was, even dating men at times.

Ingrid has said that coming out to her friends and family was easier than she expected. She ends her video by saying how excited she is to finally live her life without apologies to anyone for who she really is.

To watch the beautiful video that Ingrid made, Sam Tabar recommends that you can check it out on her YouTube Channel.

Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks

For Marc Sparks, being a serial entrepreneur is something he has been doing since 1975, when he graduated from an Austin Texas high school. He has been instrumental in dozens of start ups, which have been extremely successful. Having thirty-four years of entrepreneurial experience, Marc decided it was time to put down all of his wisdom, trials, and tribulations on paper to help others. He gives a lot of credit for his accolades to God.

Marc has a passion for creating companies from ideas that others think are not possible. He currently maintains, in this private equity firm called Timber Creek Capital, LP, several portfolio companies. With a sound business model and culture, Marc takes the time to develop plans with long term and short term goals from an initial idea. Living by the philosophy that one must lead by example, he does so for his team to follow.

In Marc Spark’s book They Can’t Eat You, Marc shares everything and stated that it was a painful experience. He hopes that people learn from his mistakes and unsuccessful ventures rather than simply read about how he started a software company and was averaging $200 million a year in sales. For example, he once started an insurance company out of his bedroom that at one point was worth a lot of money and then lost it all within ninety days. Sharing bad experiences like this is something that others will benefit from. Having unsuccessful venture after another can crush the hopes of any entrepreneur and Marc hopes the book will help. Marc Spark’s colleagues also helped convince him to write his book.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Marc also has a passion for helping the homeless and individuals that want to help themselves. The Samaritan Inn in Texas, is a homeless shelter that Marc has been involved in since the late eighty’s. According to reports from Bloomberg, they house sees roughly 160 residents a night and it is not uncommon to have to turn away some 75 people a week. The length of stay is maxed out around five month.

Having a passion for building and philanthropy, Marc Sparks is very involved with Habitat for Humanity and has personally helped build over a dozen houses. He is also a proud supporter of American Can! Academy, which is a network of magnet high schools. To help break the cycle of poverty, Marc’s foundation Sparky’s Kids, has donated over one thousand computers to at-risk children.

Keith Mann looks for support in his latest fight

Showing commitment to a cause can take many different directions and often shows up in surprising ways that may not be expected by the individual or those around them. Animal activist Keith Mann has explained before some of the reasons behind his commitment to the cause of protecting animals from cruelty and how it has affected his own life. Now, a viral Buzzfeed article tells us Mann is seeking the assistance of the public as he searches for help with an aggressive form of cancer that is affecting him as he refuses the conventional treatments backed by pharmaceutical companies who test their products on animals.

Keith Mann explains that he has always felt strong set of emotions towards animals and has fought to protect them throughout his life. Whilst still at school a series of events took place that eventually led Mann to become a member of the Animal Liberation Front and forced him to break the law as he tried to help animals facing cruelty. Amongst the things Mann has done in his life include making sure a rabbit held without food or water was freed from captivity and that the cause for banning fox hunting was publicized across the UK.

Mann continues to look for new and innovative ways to publicize the animal rights cause and eventually decided to stand for election to the UK Parliament bringing with him a set of policies designed to help animals being ill treated. The work of Keith Mann to protect animals came to a shuddering halt when he was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma and told the best course of treatment was to use the medications created by the major organizations he had spent his life fighting for testing on animals. At this point many people would have taken the cure and forgotten about what they fought for.

Instead, Keith Mann decided to make sure he maintained his principles and dedication to the care of animals by refusing the medications used in traditional treatments. Mann is now looking for assistance with his decision from the public who he hopes will help pay for his Gerson Therapy. This therapy requires Keith Mann to consume organic ingredients and natural products in a bid to detoxify his body and allow the natural ingredients to help fight the cancerous cells.

Skout Is Where I Found My UK Girlfriend

I love anything to do with the Internet, and I will spend hours a day searching the net. I am on nearly every social media network out there, and I get excited when I hear about new trends going on online. I’ve been a member of the website Skout for years, but I never thought about using the website to find love. I know that one of the biggest uses of the Skout network is for people to find someone they may be able to love, but it was not my intention to look for a soul mate.

Since I liked to go online and have fun, I thought it might be a good idea to start utilizing Skout, and to start using it for something other than for socializing. I haven’t had a relationship in over a year, and I honestly thought that I was done with looking for the opposite sex because of the heartache I’ve gone through. I decided to start doing a search on the Skout network for a significant other. I thought in my mind all the things that I wanted in a potential partner, and I decided to put these requests into my search.

I was automatically able to find some great women, but I didn’t want to get too serious too soon. I decided to use the “shake to chat” feature to randomly pick girls from anywhere in the world to talk to you. I absolutely love the fact that I can sit and talk with different people from around the world, without having to do a specific search for them. One girl in particular, she really got my attention. The lady was absolutely beautiful, and she was from the UK. After we talked with each other for a while, I had become infatuated with her.

I know that I live in Connecticut, and she lives in a whole other country, but I couldn’t help myself. I talked with her every single night on the Skout network. Sometimes, I would take an extended lunch break at work, just so I could continue communicating with her. We would easily spend hours a day speaking to each other through Skout, and she even gave me her phone number to give her a call. We both talked once in a while on the phone, but we mostly talked through the Skout network. I hope to meet this girl one day, and it’s all thanks to Skout.

Man Sits In A Cafe Waiting For Money.

Jason Dang claims to have found a note while visiting a Cafe last year. It was in a book on a shelf and said that if he returned to the coffee shop on May 27, 2015 he would be given $300. The note even gave a code word to be used on the big day. This story really perked up folks over at Beneful‘s offices.

Dang posted a picture of the letter with the code word covered on Social Media. It became a popular thread on Reddit where it was discussed several times leading up to the big day. It garnered over 1,000 responses. Some people warned him that he could be set up for a robbery or worse, others felt it was a hoax. Most of the replies said he should return.

So on May 27, 2015 Dang showed up at the Cafe where he waited to see if the money would show up. Sadly it didn’t, it seems it was a hoax. The surprising part is what happened throughout the day. Dang received the following gifts from well-wishers. Click Here For Full Story.

$10 to spend at the cafe while he waited.
Three pizzas
Fan mail with gift cards for the cafe
A bunch of stuff from a website called Screw Attack
Three hundred dollars in Monopoly money
A party when Reddit users showed up.

Dang states that it was a good day even if he didn’t receive the promised money. He’s glad he turned up. And the code word? It was “grapes are tasty”.

Colin Kaepernick in Hot Water After “Insensitive” Instagram Post

The wide world of wonderful technology can give just as easily as it takes away. For many football players, accounts on Instagram and Twitter give them an easy way to build their brand and a rapport with fans all over the globe. Using these services the right way can lead to players selling more jerseys and becoming more popular. Unfortunately these accounts on social media also offer an opportunity for some pretty severe brain cramps, as 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick soon found out.

Kaepernick has been using the “hashtag” #7tormsComing for the past year or so as his own personal identifier on the network. The 7 stands for his jersey number and the ‘Storms Coming’ shows that Kaepernick thinks he will take the league by storm in the next season. First up on the schedule is a game against the Houston Texans, whose city was being rattled by a deadly storm and flooding issue. Kaepernick posted an image of the storm onto his Instagram with a subtitle that read “I warned you the #7tormsComing #Houston” implying that he would soon descend upon the city to get a win.

Business leaders said that while seemingly devoid of ill intent, the post still was found tacky and distasteful due to the serious nature of the Houston floods. At least 10 people have been killed in the flooding and millions of dollars have been lost in property damage all along Texas and Oklahoma. Kaepernick has since deleted the post and apologized.