How to Tell if a Copywriter is Experienced

So you want to hire a copywriter. In the age of aspiring digital nomads and the appeal of working from home, many people are jumping on the copywriting bandwagon. But not everyone with an Internet connection is worth your money. An Upwork profile or a professional-looking website does not guarantee that a writer is capable of producing professional, high-quality content.

A content agency like Em Writes understands that there are professional copywriters and there are people who just think they can write. How can you pick a professional out of the crowd? Look for the following qualities:

They Understand The Audience

Content must be tailored to the brand, the audience and the platform. Potential customers seeing a brand for the first time on Facebook are looking for the same things as customers who have stuck by the brand for years and regularly open email newsletters. Each writer at Em Writes receives information on who will be reading each piece of content, their relationship to the brand, and what type of tone and style to apply to the piece.

They Have an Eye for Business Strategy

High-quality content has the ability to generate leads, close sales and boost ROI – but only if it works with your business’s overall strategy. Producing content for the sake of producing content is a waste of money. If the copywriter cannot tell you how their content will work with your current marketing strategy to help promote your brand, you are going to waste your money working with them.

They Know The Sales Funnel

How can you quickly find a copywriter who knows how to produce effective content? Ask them about the sales funnel and the customer journey. Don’t pass this off as marketing jargon; creating strategic content for each stage of sales funnel/customer journey should be a base-level requirement for copywriters and content creators. Creating content that closes sales before they are appropriate or drags on through the customer journey without any call-to-action is a fast way to lose sales and lose out on your investment in the writer.

Read more about what content is appropriate for each stage of the sales funnel. [sales funnel post]

 They Promote Your Brand Authentically

Knowing the sales funnel grows an authentic relationship with potential and current customers. Outbound marketing is obsolete because customers don’t want to be sold to – they want to be informed. Aggressive promotional content is a turn-off. Content that educates customers and provides them with solutions, while subtly promoting your business and the solutions you provide, is the best way to gain trust with your audience. This type of content is harder to write than you might think.

They Have Superb Research Skills

In order to get your audience to trust your brand, your content needs to be authentic, and accurate. There has never been more content on the web, making it easy for outside content agencies to research and write content for a wide variety of clients and businesses. But excellent research requires more than just a few quick Google searches.

They Have a Second (or Third) Set of Eyes Watching

Good copywriters know that everyone has blind spots; even the most experienced, professional writers are not perfect. Each piece of content produced at Em Writes is reviewed by multiple team members before submitted to a client.

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They Accept, Understand and Implement Feedback

You are the expert on your brand or your client – you provide another set of eyes that speaks to how the content is being used to reach customers and drive engagement. Feedback is essential to creating high-quality work. Professional writers understand the necessity of feedback, and marries high-quality content with content that is tailored to the client.

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IDLife Continues to Scale Up to the Global Market

Over time, health and wellness have grown to a billion dollar industry. People are now becoming more interested in improving lifestyle and overall health and reducing stress. As technology evolves, scientists are developing various ways in which individuals can improve their overall health while lowering their odds of suffering from diseases and disabilities. IDLife is a budding health and wellness company that specializes in the development of dietary supplements. IDLife recognizes that everyone has unique nutritional needs. Nutritional requirements and deficits vary depending on individual’s current level of physical activity, medications, and personal circumstances.

The concept of living a healthy life seems overwhelming and complicated to many people. With so much conflicting information from the internet, people often get confused even before they get started. Through its 3-step program, IDLife attempts to eliminate the guesswork out of the process of improving one’s health. Just a few steps help IDLife’s clients to reduce their odds of getting ill, increase their energy, lower their needs for medications, lose weight, and live a happy life.

Meanwhile, IDLife has announced that it will partner with Garmin, a technology firm that specializes in the creation of wearable fitness trackers designed to enhance an active lifestyle. Whether your passion is cycling, swimming or aerobics, Garmin creates devices that can help you collect valuable information about each fitness session. That allows you to improve your overall health by comparing your previous workouts with the current ones. With Garmin’s technologically advanced devices, monitoring calories burned, distance traveled, and time spent in the gym become easy to track and monitor.

The goals and mission of IDLife and Garmin collide. As such, it makes sense for them join forces and to offer the most exciting benefits to individuals around the world. That is the reason why IDLife and Garmin have formed a partnership. The two companies share a common belief that health and wellness go beyond eating a balanced diet. For them, the greatest protection from discomfort and disease is living an active and healthy lifestyle. That can result in greater success in other aspects of life, increase productivity, and make an individual happier. Therefore, Garmin and IDLife focuses on making positive lifestyle changes and to ensure that these changes are permanent. For the past ten years, Garmin has been developing some of the most advanced fitness equipment. On the other hand, IDLife is known for the creation of customized nutritional supplements to improve one’s health and wellness.

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Dry and wet food for your Beneful Dog at walmart

In need of wet or dry food for your Beneful Dog? Visit Walmart for the most pocket friendly costs today. Our food types vary in nature from dry to wet so as to meet your specific desires for your dog food. We have incredibites for small dogs dry food, healthy puppy with real chicken dry food,playful life with real beef and egg dry food,grain free with real farm raised chicken dry food, originals with real salmon dry food and much more.

For wet foods, there is a variety ranging from beef stew with peas, carrots rice and barley wet food,savory rice and lamb with peas and carrots wet food,roasted chicken recipe with brown rice, carrots and spinach wet food,roasted turkey medley with corn, wild rice and barley wet dog food. Dry foods come in 1.5-5 Lb bags. Prices range from 10$-14$ depending on the amount and type of food you choose for your dog.

Investor Sheldon Lavin — Handler of Difficult Details in the Modern Business World

Investor Sheldon Lavin — Handler of Difficult Details in the Modern Business World

The modern world of business has plenty of young entrepreneurs who wish to refashion the markets with brilliant products. The problem is many of these enterprise leaders don’t have the insight into managerial capability — with a lack of knowledge, their companies failed. For over 40 years, Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s lifework has contributed to his professional reputation in building and leading business establishments.

Thus, Mr. Sheldon has run his own financial consulting firm — including another accomplishment as an investor and banking-industry executive. From there, he attains standing Chairman and CEO of the OSI (Otto & Sons Industries) Group. Having a specialty in the large-scale financial processes, Sheldon Lavin enables companies to maintain difficult food supply lines.

However, CEO Sheldon handles tasks such as technical changes, consumer preferences, and supply shortfalls. When considering the price system, it’s challenging to measure these causes. Furthermore, there are no easy answers for many questions from businesses that prefer particular details.

However, Sheldon Lavin deals out his office work with the vastly skilled businesspeople in his company. So, with delegation and research, he can provide up-to-date decisions about companies. The OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. About Lavin’s meat industry career which started in 1970 and financial consulting services, he presents a vast scope of guidance and managerial experience.

As current CEO of OSI Group, Lavin has directed the company as a number-one supplier of food-processing services and meat-packing. In addition, he has half of the controlling interest since becoming full-time with the McDonald’s business during the late 70s. Today, The OSI Group expands into Australia, South Africa, China, and into the Philippines.

Further, we are the most prominent protein supplier in the world for the McDonald’s organization. The increased presence of the OSI Group was already running in Brazil and Europe. Additionally, Lavin is a philanthropist to and active in many charities not to mention Ronald McDonald House Charities.

On Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s educational history, he holds a Finance and Accounting Degree. He’s received several tributes for business and nonprofit events. Lavin has also given to the Inner-City Foundation, Evans Scholarship Fund, Jewish United Fund, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

Sheldon Lavin has survived with his wife for 55 years. They have raised three children who are all married with grown-up children as well. So, he considers the OSI employees as part of his global extended family.

George Soros Philanthropic Contributions to the Open Society Foundations

Justice, democracy, and human rights are the core values that ensure the development of a nation. However, the three elements of a stable society still elude many countries. And as it is so, there is need to advocate for the adoption of the values. Lack of these essential societal values almost leads to anarchy. As a result, men and women have risen to defend these values at whatever cost. One such man is the billionaire and hedge fund manager, George Soros. Soros has spent most of his life supporting the weak and politically abused nations. Additionally, Soros funds people through a variety of philanthropic foundations with the aim of bringing democracy, justice and ensuring human rights are observed in second-class democratic states. In a statement availed publicly for the first time by The Wall Street Journal, George Soros total donations to the Open Society Foundation amounted to $18 billion. The contributions make the foundation the second largest philanthropic organization after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. The amount transferred quietly over the past few years placed George Soros in the middle of the social political limelight in the country. OSF was founded more than three decades ago with the aim of promoting democracy and human rights. Today, its contribution has reached over 120 countries across the globe.

Amid the chaos and brutality of Nazis, there lied a man set out to change the world. George Soros lived in Hungary during its occupation by the Nazis. After the war, Soros left for London. There, Soros joined the London School of Economics and took part-time jobs as a waiter and a railway porter to support his studies. In 1957, he immigrated to U.S.A and got a job at Wall Street. 14 years later, Soros launched Soros Fund Management and went on to become one of the wealthiest people in America. With all his fortunes, He set out to right the wrongs and injustices made by dictators by establishing the Open Society Foundations. Soros would later dive into philanthropy in 1979 by giving scholarships to black students in Apartheid South Africa. In his Native country, he promoted an open exchange of ideas by donating money aimed at funding educational visits to the west. After the Cold War came to an end, Soros expanded his philanthropy to Africa, Asia, and the U.S.A. Through the OSF, he supported efforts that led to the creation of transparent and more accountable societies.

According to the New York Times, the Open Society Foundations have partnered with leaders in the civil society in parts of Africa, Roma in Eastern Europe and Cleveland with the aim of eradicating second-class democracy. At 80’s the entrepreneur and philanthropist participate actively in the work of OSF. Additionally, Soros travels widely and meets with world leaders who actively advocates and supports positive policy changes. Soros commitment to addressing intractable problems remains unshaken. He takes on matters deemed as lost causes. However, despite that immediate or complete solution to the issues might never emerge, taking a single step towards the right direction gives hope. and Follow him

The ClassDojo App Goes Beyond the Format of a Simple Teaching Tool

Although ClassDojo could be summed up as an educational application for mobile devices, it is actually a tool designed to create better classroom environments. A Japanese Dojo was initially created as a temple with the word’s meaning as a place of the way. This description could be applied to the new application for use by teachers and parents alike. The objective of the app was to create a better way to provide students with environments where they could flourish. This is accomplished through the exchange of ideas between parents, students and teachers.

The primary target levels of education for the ClassDojo app are K-8. These levels are crucial in the development of a student’s ability to focus and learn in an effective manner. The ClassDojo application has helped students between the ages of 5 and 14 develop more positive attitudes about learning, themselves and their fellow students through the practice of growth mindset and empathy. By utilizing the technologies most kids are familiar with, the application can be used to encourage positive behavior in the classroom by emphasizing the positive contributions children make. Teachers can set up positive reinforcement boards within the app where they can allocate trophies and rewards to students for even the smallest achievements.

Positive reinforcement is also encouraged through the use of student expression. The ClassDojo app provides a format where students can feel good about what they have accomplished by sharing their stories with others. The app’s student portfolio aspect allows children in all grade levels to share photos or videos of what takes place inside their classroom. This in turn, allows parents to stay better connected with their children throughout the learning process. Teachers can also connect with parents through the messaging system made available through the ClassDojo application, which can be done in a private manner where no phone numbers are exchanged.

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Michel Terpins Uses Speed And Skill To Outdo His Competitors

The need for speed has led Michel Terpins to the height of rally driving in Brazil. Speed tends to be a priority to many people in the world of sports. Some key players such as Michel Terpins are capitalizing on rally driving to the point that they have become the best in the field. Engaging in sports can be a good venture, especially if a person has passion and dedication for a particular activity.

Rally racing is usually won when a driver can reach a predetermined point within an estimated period of time. In most cases, the win is solely determined by how fast a driver can drive and get ahead of the other competitors. For any rally driver, there must be a co-driver. The co-driver is highly essential for helping the driver to navigate as fast as possible between different points. As good as he is in the sport, Michel Terpins is no exception, and he always engages a co-driver in helping him to navigate through the rough desert terrain.

Rally driving in Brazil is associated with many challenges. First and foremost, the rally is usually organized in the desert-like conditions, and the low humidity of such regions makes it nearly impossible for many drivers to perform as expected. In fact, many experienced drivers have dropped out of the Bull Sertoes rally in the past citing technicalities with their cars. When weather conditions are too hot, it tends to hamper with the efficiency of a vehicle.

Just like any machinery, a vehicle requires an efficient cooling system to perform well in conditions where the weather is scorching. Michel Terpins has understood this fact very clearly, and when others twitch their vehicles so that they can move faster, Michel Terpins usually modifies his car so that it can cover a long distance. Michel Terpins has been able to learn the different skills of rally driving from his predecessors, and as a good student, he ended up applying what he learned to the latter. Before Michel Terpins became a successful driver, he had to be patient and understand the principles that make a person be a guru in this area of specialization.

Tony Petrello’s Awesome Philanthropic Work

Tony Petrello holds the Chief Executive Officer position of a highly successful company in the United States known as Nabors. The leaders of oil firms are viewed as selfish people, but in fact, they are the most generous individuals in the world. Tony has proved this fact by being involved in numerous philanthropic activities. He recently donated $ 5 million and promised to add another $ 2 million to fund a research initiative. Mr. Petrello is willing also to head any fundraising missions for the initiative. Tony’s inspiration to support such research causes comes from a personal aspect of his life.

Tony Petrello has an eight-year-old daughter called Carena who has cerebral palsy. The condition slows down her developmental process because it interferes with her motor skills. Carena recently learned to feed on solid foods by practicing several times on how to chew, for her to master the whole process. Carena was born three months before her due date, and this led to periventricular leukomalacia. The condition eventually progressed to cerebral palsy, and this is the reason Carena takes time to learn normal developmental processes such as walking and talking. Tony together with his wife Cynthia funds any research conducted at the Texas Children’s hospital.

Tony has also donated to other projects other than children’s hospital. He recently funded an event at his former school that is Yale University. Tony Petrello had a humble childhood background in place referred to as Newark. Mr. Petrello’s parents were not wealthy, and Tony had to use the limited resources to excel in high school. He learned to work hard for good things in life. Tony’s childhood helped him gain values such as integrity, diligence, and honor. He was great in math, especially in differential calculus. Tony excelled in high school and was given a full scholarship to Yale University.

Once at Yale, Tony did not discard his values. He was facing some of the best scholars in the globe and had to work hard to keep up with the competition. In Newark, Tony was viewed as a genius, and even at Yale, this remained to be true. Later, Petrello joined the Harvard Law School. Tony decided to pursue a career in the line of human sciences rather than mathematics. After school, Tony worked for several companies before joining Nabors Industries. With dedication, Tony held several ranks in Nabors until he became the CEO. He has worked for Nabors for about three decades and was once the most paid CEO in the United States.

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Omar Yunes Remarkable Contribution to the Sushi Itto, Food Industry

Omar Yunes is a Mexican representative of Sushi Itto franchisee. He manages 13 franchised units which have created jobs for his 400 employees. The franchises represent 10% of the brands unit in Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. At 21 years of age, Omar Yunes started a Japanese food chain.

Due to his brand impact in the market, the investor has won several annual awards. His contribution to Sushi Itto landed him first Best Franchisee of the Word (BFW) in 2015. The event took place in Florence, Italy on 5th December. The evaluation criteria towards the award were based on the brand knowledge contribution, the effect on the network, implemented investments, product developments, and pricing.

The innovator was also awarded the first place in the price elimination in the National Chapter. Mr. Diego, the Mexico BFW organizer, referred to Omar as a leader who succeeded in the changing of the franchisee-franchisee relationship. Sushi Itto CEO, acknowledges Yunes efforts, terming the awards as a positive impact on the company brand. He further refers it as a proof for their better services to customers.

Mr. Omar has influenced the food business in Mexico. He has managed to brand his products across the country. The investor’s efforts and awards depended on the loyalty of his committed employees. Besides, he is an aggressive leader who managed to develop secure networks, implement structures and plans, and set up an active board to spearhead the implementation of company policies. He gives compensations to motivate his employees and keep them focused on the company goals achievements. Mr. Yunes commits to deliver outstanding services to his customers and aims at being the best franchise in the globe. He has a powerful brand that competes internationally. The innovator has built his name to compete in the international markets and more

About Omar Yunes

The motivator is known to be creative in tackling market challenges. Yunes implements plans and structures to overcome any difficulties facing his food industry. He is optimistic in every situation and enlightens his workers on several business concepts. The innovator believes that employees are the most significant asset for his achievement in the food industry. He, however, appreciates their efforts and stands to mentor them in their career.

Adam Goldenberg’s Success Translates to Satisfied Women

Since Justfab and Fabletics first started, they have been disrupting the fashion industry. Retail stores and brick and mortar stores are starting to see what Adam Goldenberg is doing with Fabletics and JustFab. Many of them are unable to reach anywhere near the level of success Adam Goldenberg has seen with his business. In fact, many of the stores are unable to get to the point where Adam Goldenberg is at because they don’t have the right type of business model. They are focused on making money instead of staying focused on how they are able to help out all the people who they are doing the work for.

The major difference between them and Adam Goldenberg’s companies is he does what he can to make things work for all the people who are in the industry with him. It is what has given him the chance to try different things so he doesn’t have to worry about all the issues that typically come from doing business in a retail setting. Everything Adam Goldenberg does translates back to how he is helping women get the best fashion opportunities they need in each situation they are a part of.

Even moving the company to a more tech-friendly area is something that has made things better for the people who are a part of the company. They have seen major changes to the technology aspect of the company which has given them the results they need to keep using the company. Adam Goldenberg knew this when he started the company so he continued to show people what they would have a chance to do in each of the situations they were a part of. He chose to make things easier for people so they didn’t have to worry about the issues associated with traditional shopping.

As things have gotten better for the TechStyle brands and the company has grown to new heights, reporters continue to call Adam Goldenberg a unicorn. He has been successful in an industry that nobody saw coming. He is different because he didn’t know what he was doing at the beginning, but he was still able to show people what they needed to do to make their own lives better. He wasn’t supposed to be as successful as what he currently is, but that is what has made him among the best in the fashion and retail industry.