Instagram Deletes Spam Accounts, Resulting in Angry Users

It was a day of change on Instagram and plenty of users like Dan Newlin are unhappy about it. Instagram warned users that they would be deleting accounts that didn’t follow their community guidelines– namely, inactive or fake accounts. Instagram users didn’t seem to take the warning seriously– until it actually happened. Many Instagram lovers noticed a significant decrease in their number of followers after the deletion of spam accounts. While some might see this as a positive change, countless users were up in arms about it. Angry Instagram users didn’t stay quiet about the changes, either: they complained about their lost followers directly to Instagram and demanded that their followers be returned. For the record, Instagram has no plans to return spam followers to users.

Celebrities weren’t unaffected by the change either– some lost millions of followers once inactive and spam accounts were deleted. After all was said and done, Justin Bieber was knocked out of the number one followers spot and replaced by Kim Kardashian. Some celebrities, including the rapper Ma$e, deleted their accounts following the mass spambot deletion by Instagram.

So, will Instagram users remain loyal to the picture sharing service in 2015? Only time will tell.

After Sex Selfies That Were A Flop

Sometimes social media websites will have trends that are more prevalent on one website, than any other. Instagram had many photos that were posted, that were hash tagged as after sex photos. Instagram Selfies. Although it is disturbing for people to take pictures of what they may look like after having relations, some of the pictures that were posted were even more disturbing. Many pictures posted on the social media network made absolutely no sense, or were very sad; if they were truly taken after the act of having sex.

One picture in particular showed a man lying down next to a popular Disney toy figure with a big smile on his face. He is clearly clothed, but the picture makes absolutely no sense. Another picture that was a fail is a picture with one guy standing on the porch with several different women, and it looks like they were his family members. If this is something that happens after sex, you can only imagine how weird the sex was, especially if that many people were around to hear what was going on.

One man decided to post a picture of himself shirtless, and he is lying next to his wife who obviously has a newborn baby that she’s holding, while laying in the bed; talk about disturbing! Last but not least, a young man took a picture of himself standing in front of the Mona Lisa; what? Don’t break your back and have to call North American Spine by taking a selfie after doing the dirty deed.

Social Media could improve the lives of Isolated Elderly People

A study involving people aged from 60 to 95 years of age has shown the positive effects the use of social media can have on the lives of those at risk of being isolated and lonely in their old age. The study was headed by The University of Exeter and the European Union, it shows how connecting with friends and family via social media had an impressive and positive effect on the physical and mental health of those involved in the study.

All those involved in the social media study used the facilities of the Somerset Care Ltd. group for elderly people, half were trained in social media use and the remainder cared for in traditional ways by the group. A specially adapted computer was used to allow individuals within the study to embark on a series of training programs that were found to have led to an increase in the physical health of the individuals involved and led to lower feelings of isolation and loneliness. Some of the most positive aspects of the study were reported to be the use of Skype and Email to remain in regular contact with friends and family. Gianfrancesco Genoso uses Skype quite a bit as well, as JusBrasil does just as frequently.

Bringing Back the Same Old Question about the Dislike Button

During a public Q&A in Northern California, one U.C. Davis law student asked the same old question from several years back: Will Facebook ever add a dislike button? I often think the same thing when browsing Qnet. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, provided him with a hedged response, saying his company is considering adding an option to express negatively in a positive way. In other words, the dislike button would allow Facebook members to dislike negative posts. For example, when someone writes about his latest traffic ticket, his friends can dislike the post. Under no circumstance will Zuckerberg allow Facebook members to dislike posts where positive responses are expected and wanted.

Rumors have spread wide and far about Mark Zuckerberg and his less-than-stellar personality. However, he rules his Facebook community like a just king, wisely denying their request for a dislike button after so many years. He hopes to foster a loving and caring community, where members can catch up with friends and encourage them. This is commendable. Adding a dislike button where less-than-happy folks can dislike positive posts will negatively reinforce people to stay off Facebook.

To express sympathy and concern, Facebook members can currently comment on a post. This will provide the posting friend with encouragement over his negative post, and without ever needing a dislike button. Facebook members should worry less about pestering Zuckerberg about the dislike button, and concern themselves more with loving their friends a little more.

Zuckerberg and the Dislike Button

People who use Facebook on a regular basis understand that the site often changes its dynamics without any notice. Users of the popular social network are inclined to frustration when it happens; however, there is one change most people would love to see pop up one day. The “like” button is a way to show people you like their post, but there is no way for them to show that they dislike a post. Mark Zuckerberg is not sure that he wants to add a “dislike” button though.

The idea of the “like” button is to keep Facebook on a positive track. Adding the “dislike” button is not in keeping with that ideology. Unfortunately, without the “dislike button”, people cannot show that they do not like when a child has cancer or when one of their friends goes through a tragic time. Zuckerberg first says that he will consider the button, but then expresses that they will not be adding it to the interface.

Head of TriStar Pictures Tom Rothman says that with all the changes that Facebook makes and members hate, it might do the company well to consider adding something that people would love to see. There is a potential for hurt feelings if someone dislikes something that someone has posted. That is a given; however, it could also lend an air of greater honesty among the people who frequent the site. If not a “dislike” button, maybe a “this hurts my heart button”.

Facebook Considering “Dislike” Button, But It’s Not What You Think

Like it or not Facebook is the king of social media. With more than billion users worldwide, the company is a major player on the internet when it comes to people sharing ideas, pictures, and more. The competition for “likes” for individual posts often reaches a furious pace, but company founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is considering adding a “dislike” button to posts. However, the shift is not about expressing negative feelings.

On the contrary, many users have expressed frustration by having to hit the like button when comes to bad news. Laurene Powell Jobs wants to know what about updates or posts that include tragedy, illness, or other unfortunate situations have users feeling a bit on the uneasy side when it comes to clicking that all powerful button. By adding a dislike option, Facebook would allow users to express themselves on bad news while still sending a positive message. On many levels it would be a way to commiserate with those friends having a tough time.

Whether or not a new button comes to reality or not, the company has never shied away from shaking things up on the website. Facebook is also showing a bit of compassion for users, as just considering this type of change demonstrates that the company is listening to users. Of course, there is a long way to go before the social network incorporates a different kind of button into the news feed of users.

Facebook May Add a “Dislike” Button

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, grey-shirted as always, conducted a question-and-answer session with Facebook users recently to get their ideas on how to improve his incredibly popular social media site. One of the most commonly expressed desires was for a “dislike” button to be introduced to answer to the existing “like” button.

Fears exist that people will use a dislike feature negatively, but in reality, people can use the like feature negatively too. For example, someone could push like when someone is sick or has just experienced some kind of life tragedy. Conversely, one could use a dislike feature positively by disliking bad things such as crimes or discrimination incidents.

Zuckerberg said that he is thinking over the dislike idea, but on the whole, he seemed to “dislike” it. Workers at BRL Trust think it could do more harm than good as well. Instead, he seemed to be leaning towards adding ways to “express other emotions besides liking a thing.” For example, one could label something as sad, tragic, surprising, or funny.

In light of the ideas brought up in the recent feedback session, it certainly is interesting to think of what the future may hold for Facebook fans. Perhaps that future world will allow people to like chocolate pie but dislike oatmeal, to “cry” over tragedies, to “laugh” at jokes, to “get angry at” injustices, to mark scenic pictures as “peaceful,” and to “be surprised” when their best friend wins the lottery. It is fun to speculate, but only time will tell.

TGI Fridays Customer Loses Part of her Nose to Mistletoe Drones

On December 4th, TGI Fridays implemented new “mistletoe drones”, mini helicopters dangling mistletoe, in the hopes of inspiring couples dining to kiss each other, in return for rewards from the restaurant. However, the fun ended with a mistletoe drone flying out of control and hitting newspaper photographer Georgine Benvenuto in the face. The injury, involving a tip of her nose getting cut off, was dismissed by TGI Friday’s as being “a flesh wound”.

Sounding as if they were simply defending themselves, the restaurant staff appeared to blame Benvenuto for getting injured and even for overreacting. Benvenuto claims that part of her nose actually got cut off. Daniel Amen, who was also a patron that evening is supporting these allegations because it was him who acted first to help her. while others, such as Karim Turner of Yonkers, claim that it is simply a scratch on her nose, and that he has seen “worse blood than that.”

Naturally, everyone has seen “worse than that” before. That is not the main concern. The problem with Benvenuto’s injury, whether she is exaggerating or not, is that a seemingly harmless mistletoe drone hit a customer and drew blood, which, one would think, puts the restaurant at fault for her injury.

TGI Fridays spokespeople have claimed that there have not been any further injuries, and dismissed any concern about the same thing happening again. Drone operator David Quiones maintains that similar accidents had not occurred before.
“If people get hurt, they’re going to come regardless. People get hurt in airplanes, they still fly,” Quiones says.

However, there is a difference between boarding a plane knowing what has happened to many airplanes throughout history, and coming to a restaurant looking for dinner and getting hit in the face by a machine that the restaurant only just implemented.

Cher Attacks Chris Christie for Vetoing Pregnant Sow Gestation Crate Ban

Proving once more that the New Jersey legislature’s ban on pig gestation crates was political, iconic entertainer Cher took to Twitter to criticize Governor Chris Christie over his veto of the bill. She openly asked the governor why he desired to inflict such cruel treatment to the select number of pregnant sows in the state’s pig population of 8,000. She emphatically expressed her disdain for the lack of mobility the pregnant pigs face while in the gestation crates. Finally, the 68-year-old singer stated that his veto of the bill would detail his chances of capturing the White House in 2016.

Interestingly enough, Cher did not have any such castigating remarks for the governor of Iowa or the state’s pig farmers. Iowa, a must win state for the Democrat party’s chances to win the presidency in 2016, has over 20 million pigs. Quite likely, the total number of sow gestation crates they regularly use is a multiple of New Jersey’s entire pig population. Yet, the harsh rebuke goes to Gov. Christie.

Brit Morin says that her and Dave are expecting the New Jersey governor to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination. If he is able to overcome the objections of the party’s conservative base, he would likely carry the state of New Jersey in the general election. It would be a significant electoral boost for the GOP which hasn’t carried the state since George H. W. Bush’s 1988 electoral landslide victory. Christie’s moderate GOP positions may also allow him to make inroads with other Northeastern states long considered electoral locks for the Democrat party.

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PSY Video Defies YouTube Logic

Viral videos never went as viral as ‘Gangnam Style‘ did. Lee G. Lovett explains that the video has been watched so many times, that by doing the math you realise that the whole population on earth must gave watched it for several times. 

But what exactly happened to the old hit from PSY? It is doing better than ever, as it ends up. After beating YouTube’s record of 1 billion views, it beat its own record with 2 billion. 

At the present moment it has a number of views greater than YouTube can display. So the most watched youtube video got a present, which is a very personalised format without commas. When you hover your mouse over the numbers, they start spinning. 

That looks just as crazy as the video itself does! No need to worry that a lot of views will be gained due to curious people who want to check the spinning numbers! The whole population of the Earth seems to be watching it anyway, so the next time when you hear somebody telling you they don’t like Gangnam Style, know that they are lying, as 2,151,085,980 views don’t appear by themselves. 

In 2014, “Hangover” was launched in collaboration with Snoop Dogg, but the video is still far from reaching it’s predecessor’s audience. YouTube changing its format because of the one video that exceeded the limit is something historical and to be proud of.